The Spider

Yesterday, as I was sitting here at the computer, I felt something plop onto the top of my head. I knew instantly it was a spider. I hastened to remove it, actually trapping it loosely with my fingers before quickly plopping IT onto the floor. Then I scooped it up in a piece of tissue and released it outside.

I’m not afraid of bugs, but I don’t like them crawling on me. I also don’t see the need to kill every bug who crosses my path. They serve a purpose. Except fleas. And mosquitos. Those don’t count. 😉

I found it ironic that a spider dropped into my hair, as I’ve been working on one for Halloween.



She doesn’t look like much now, but she’s going to be Fabulous! You can find the pattern here. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly. I made my spider a bit bigger.

Today I’m working on some stitching projects, trying my hand at both traditional quilting (of sorts) and making dye. I’ve got some of my marigold flowers simmering as well as some black walnut husks I’ve had in the cabinet for years, leftover from when I made black walnut hull tincture. I made a ton of the stuff, but never used much of it. I went searching for the big container of tincture I had sitting around, but couldn’t find it. I think that may have gone into some detox baths. Anyway, I’m creating something with a fall theme, and the marigold and walnut, yellow and brown, might work well for dying the background.


I’m having trouble with technology this week. Yesterday and today the computer has been running oddly, not wanting to highlight text. Today I can’t seem to get my phone to send emails, which is strange since one went through just fine. The others are in some kind of limbo holding pattern in my outbox. It’s important I get them because I’m sending myself photos I want to include here. So, for now, I’ll move onto other topics.

There is something restful and calming about typing my thoughts here, on a blog, rather than somewhere else like Facebook. I don’t care much for FB these days, other than for playing words with friends and keeping up with real friends and my fermenting groups. I rarely post there. No matter what I say it always ends up sounding trite and meaningless. I find that in other’s writings, too. They really do speak from the heart, but often the format simply cheapens their words, turning them into passing soundbites. Some days my newsfeed is full of screaming words, like political rantings and social outcries. The sound is deafening, overwhelming. As a result, I’ve turned away from doing the same, choosing to focus more on my own interests and more lighthearted sharings. This summer I’m sure I bored everyone with pictures from my garden, but it was the most fun I’d had there in a long while.

Cats. Cats always seem to find me. I’ve lived with them my whole life. We had our cat numbers down to 3, if you count the elusive Mr. Chick, who only comes around every two or three days to fill up on food.


I adore this cat. He is so gentle and quiet. He has turned into a real gentleman. While the big girls hiss and yowl at the little girls, he remains calm and passive, even though he is largely wild. He lets them get close and sniff. In truth, the little girls are in awe of him. They stare and tiptoe around him.

Chick – formerly Chicky, but I call him that less these days – is a tom. Gorgeous, even with the mangy spots on his skin. I tried treating him earlier this summer, and now he acts even more skittish. I kept him cooped up maybe two winters ago trying to treat this weird skin problem he had, to no avail. Later I read it was probably ringworm, something young cats are susceptible to but tend to grow out of. As my cats are all indoor/outdoor, they tend to get cat issues sometimes. Who knows where they sleep?

When Chick comes around, he eats his fill and may sleep for a while on the porch. But, I find he’s always on the lookout for the asshole tortoise shell tom who is a bully and tends to show up when Chick does. The two have fought at times, but now I suspect they run together. Their personalities are polar opposites. Here is Chick looking over his shoulder. Sometimes I suspect he feels hunted.


So, like I was saying, we had our numbers down to 3 from 5, after two left. I won’t get into their stories. I’m actually considering writing a tale about the cats I’ve known. They are all such individual creatures. The longer I live with them, the more I see them as people. It’s impossible not to, their personalities are so unique and distinctive. I suppose the more you love them and allow them to be who they are, the more expressive they become. I think that’s the trouble with lots of people who don’t like cats. They’ve never had the patience to really get to know one.

So, two left and two arrived. Two girl kittens, one from my mom’s cats who together have produced 20 kittens this summer, and one who just showed up. They have a tendency to do that. I’ve been so happy to have the first to keep me company, as the big girls wanted out as soon as it started getting warm and have refused to come back in. This winter they will refuse to go out. The other girl was a stray, wild and scared, much like Chicky when he first turned up 3 years ago. But this girl was soon tamed, probably with the help of the first who reassured her, and is so lovely. Sweet and adores being petted. She has proven to be a good pal for the first, keeping each other entertained with play.

Finally, the photos are here. I’ll post them above.

And, here is the grid I’m going to work on for that fall theme I mentioned. So far, I am loving this basic stitch work.


I started this project because I missed stitching with thread, and because I found a blog online I wanted to follow, someone I wanted to learn from. Sometimes, between the threads and the fabrics and the stitching, she reminds me of my old quilter friend who is gone now. A quilter and a friend. She liked to teach, too. I still miss her.

I want to stain this grid with my walnut and marigold colors and see what happens. I’ll try some test squares first, to see what I get. I may also mix some rit dye along with it. Just experimenting.


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