I’m beginning a new sort of work, working with thread and cloth. Yesterday I even did a bit of dyeing. I do like the results.


I used black walnut and marigold teas. The violet is a rit dye which I brushed on. I had already started stitching when I remembered to take a photo. This is the dyed version of the nine patch block I made the other day. The fabric used is brushed or twill cotton from old pants.


The stitching process has been fun. Technically, I’m working with fabrics that are really too thick, but for now I’m trying to use up what I have. In the next few days I’ll go to the local thrift store and try to get some softer, thinner fabrics. But this was just to begin.

I’m thinking Rit dye, used the way I have here, might be the way to go for me. I don’t know if it’s permanent in the way I have used it or not. I need to rinse my test pieces and see what happens. I don’t plan on washing this, anyway. I’d like to learn more about dyeing fabrics.

The fabric I’ve used for appliques is too thick, as well. I don’t like working with this heavy quilting fabric, but, again, I was using what I had at hand. This fabric used in this way certainly lends a raised look to the project.


I did have fun with this piece. I didn’t care for the moon/circle I stitched in the middle block, so I covered it with some gauze I dyed in the same colors. I love the effect. It’s like an autumn sun.


The theme of this piece is Leaves.


I’m sure there is a story in it somewhere.


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