Both Feet on the Ground

This blog has been really fun to start, even if no one else is reading it.

Today I played with fabric…and flowers. A beautiful, cool day, the first really cool day in months it feels like. Such a nice break from the heat. The final break. Fall has begun. Still warm enough for mosquitos, though.

I’ve been trying my hand at dyeing. I used up the walnut and marigold dyes I made the other day. Tested them on some fabric, ribbon, crocheted doodads. There were some successes.


It doesn’t look like much, but I really love this one. A heart-shaped doily I got from the local thrift store. It took the dye well. Not a great photo. I also like the piece underneath. It’s a soft yellow tablecloth, also from the thrift store. I dimmed it a bit with the walnut dye, then brushed it with some leftover violet Rit dye, also from the other day. I need to rinse it and see if that pink comes out.

I’m more interested in the Earth than the stars, these days. And the sun. Every day when I go check the garden, the first thing I do is kick off my shoes, if I’m wearing any. I’ve gardened barefoot all summer. Shoes were too hot. But, more than that, I needed to feel the earth. Every time I went out with shoes on I missed her. Once or twice I kicked off my shoes when I already had them on outside, and then made my rounds through the cucumbers, tomatoes, okra and flowers barefoot. My feet know the sharp places to miss.

This was today’s harvest. It made me happy. I wasn’t prepared to check at that moment, so I had to bundle everything up using my shirt. So many tomatoes had turned red. And, they are delicious.


Even though the flowers are fading, there is still so much beauty. This little pair surprised me today. I had forgotten wandering jew (Tradescantias) can bloom.


It was a nice surprise.

The morning glories have been some of the most interesting flowers to photograph this summer. They have so many stages of being, in just a single day. I captures this one, loving the stripes that swirl on the back. How often do you really notice the back of a morning glory? These seemed to be in suspended animation with the cool, rainy, overcast day.


Of all the photos I took today, this one is my favorite:


The ruined, and the new.

Without the Earth – and Sun – this would not be possible.


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