Perfect, then Unperfect…


Yesterday I wrote “I want to make perfect squares…” And then I did.

The most perfect squares. I even love the back. Paperless piecing works. Thanks, Jude. The back is even perfect. This back would be lovely to stitch on. The frames are already there.


Closer on the front.


Here on my FREEEEE wordpress site my picture size choices are small, giant and super giant. Sorry about that.

I had an idea for a SUN in the middle square, an idea I was/am playing with. But, so far it’s not working right. I fear I have ruined my perfect squares and made them Unperfect.

Last night I stayed up until 1 a.m. so I could stitch together two rows, just to see what they looked like. Then I slept for a few hours and was up again. Miserable and couldn’t sleep, so I finished stitching them together, began basting onto other fabric. Maybe the unperfect thing started with no sleep. Hormones and no sleep. I hate it.

Yesterday the neighbor girls across the street came over again. I had made the mistake of being friendly and telling them I didn’t mind if they petted the cats. Somehow, that got turned into come over uninvited and chase the cats. Fukkkkk. All day I’ve been hoping they would not return. So far, so good.

It’s not that big of a deal. At least they are not throwing rocks at them like the neighbor boy. Have I mentioned I LOATHE living in town? The girls are actually very nice, and smart. I’m sure if I tell them next time not to chase, to allow them to come to you, they will understand and give it a try. Maybe their mother told them not to come over. Who knows? She doesn’t like us. We complained about her noisy dog…the unforgiveable sin. Yesterday, when the girls were here, they were complaining how they couldn’t concentrate on their (home) schoolwork because the neighborhood is noisy, their dog barks, the neighbor operating a garage out of his house was revving a car, the train… I laughed and said you guys have one of the noisiest dogs on the block. The girl sighed. She didn’t want to hear that. They’ve complained many times about the dog barking, wanting it to stop so they could play in peace. Other neighbors have complained. After over a year of complaints the parents finally started doing something to quiet him, so mostly, it’s been better. But, still, one of the noisiest dogs when he wants to be. He is lonely and neglected. Why don’t they stay home and play with their neglected dog instead of chasing my beloved cats? Hmmm…no sleep talking…

H is home and I want to go stitch, so just one more thing.

I copied down a Henry Miller quote from an article at brainpickings.

“I wasn’t hepped on becoming a painter. Not at all. I was simply wiggling out of the straight-jacket.”

I can relate. I’m not trying…or even hoping…to be an artist. I’d just like to break out of whatever is tying down my mind and keeping me from inching just a little bit closer.



I almost forgot.

I had made a wish about perfect squares…and then later in the evening cut new squares out of fabric I’d never used, fabric with stars on it that I got from my old friend, Judi, who is gone now. Sometimes that cloth brings back memories of being in her shop, surrounded by bolts of quilting fabric lost on me, but still finding bits and pieces here and there I could use.

Anyway, during one of the brief snatches of sleep I dreamed.

I dreamed tiny sugar cubes and glitter were a balm for blindness…and invisibility.

Sugar cubes and glitter.

Perfect squares and stars.

In miniature.

Note to Self: work small.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jude says:

    working small can be big. i see a cat sun.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      I agree.

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