Work in progress…

I have been busy upstairs in my craft room and am anxious to get back there, but I wanted to at least post something.

I have several cloths in progress. One is an earthy combination of things I’ve learned from others, trying to learn new things, trying to work looser. So far I’m really loving it. Another is the sun cloth I’ve shown bits of before. I’m making progress on it, adding new things and changing others, coming up with new ideas. I’ll soon be finished with it, I think.

A third cloth piece I began last night. I found I was so stifled, trying to switch gears and create in a different way. I didn’t want to go back to crazy quilting, but I told myself enough with the hemming and hawing, just put something together with what you know and try a few new things with it. With this approach, the piece flowed together and I made a lot of progress on it last night. I don’t have pictures as yet, but will try to snap some.

Instead of producing items, potential things to pass on to others, I have been in a process of hunting and gathering. I have made several trips to the local thrift store where I have gathered numerous and wonderful new fabrics. Some are tablecloths in 100% cotton woven fabrics, napkins, etc… while I have gleaned some wonderful wonderful silks in the form of blouses.

We don’t have a fabric store here. The nearest one would take me nearly an hour to get to. Besides, I really like the idea of repurposing old clothing, old things. A bonus this week has been the shop is selling everything half off, so most things were a steal. Wonderful.

As a side note, I noticed at Walmart the other day they’ve completely done away with their fabric offerings. Instead of buying off the bolt and actually having someone cut for you, they’ve decided what people use and what they need and conveniently prepackaged squares of cloth which you can purchase at an exorbitant price. I’m sure a computer program told them this was a good idea. This is great news for fabric stores. About a 10 years ago Walmart had $1 a yard bins of fabric which were great fun to go through. Many were prints from India, or other discards from somewhere. I found a lot of fabric there. Oh, well. I rarely shop there anymore these days. It’s been a great relief.

I’ve wanted to post these for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. Moons. These were my first attempts at creating moons inspired by Jude Hill. At first they seemed ill-formed to me, but I quickly grew to love the mysterious, veiled look of them.

I have done more since, but haven’t gotten around to photographing them yet. Here’s one more look.












4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kay says:

    Perfect ill-formed moons.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thank you. I am beginning to really appreciate the ill-formed. 🙂

  2. Liz A says:

    I just came over from Grace’s Windthread and I love your moons. They look so much more real than perfect circles ever could …

    1. June Wildflower says:

      You know, that’s what I thought! I was crocheting this morning and thinking how I needed to get used to the idea that my work is always going to be a little off, not the neatest or tidiest. Something’s always off-kilter. Maybe that is self-acceptance?
      I stopped in at your blog this morning…will come back when I can stay longer.
      Don’t you love Windthread…

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