Another one…

I feel I have to write another blog entry since I have things I need to catch up on after not having a computer for several days. I need to get these thoughts and photos out of the queue so new things can come…

As I have mentioned, I go out barefoot most days to check the garden. I have realized this time, this practice, is a communication with the earth. I know all about grounding and have for years now, but after getting past some foot phobias (now THAT’s a story!) I have become braver about venturing out barefoot. I know, logically, I am exchanging positive ions (inflammation/bad mojo, etc…) for the earth’s healing negative ions, but there is a relationship, a conversation I have with the earth through my feet when I walk on the ground barefoot. It is a sensory experience, one without words or thoughts, but in the space between words and thoughts. I pick up on moisture levels, ground temperature, vegetation, and probably other things not consciously considered. I FEEL. I walk around my plantings, observe volunteers, monitor growth, all the while my feet talk with the earth. I always feel so much better after, and find myself wanting to go out several times a day just to have the experience.

I picked a lot of the pecans barefoot at the park. Funny story, I actually stepped in dog poo, but didn’t realize it until I was a bit downwind and could smell it.

Did I just step in dog poo?

I looked back and saw it. I remembered registering soft and cool. Lucky for me, the poo was nearly dried and my feet bottoms already had a fine protective layer of dirt, so none of it stuck. It cracks me up to think about it. One of the hazards of walking barefoot: you might step in poo.

I shot more photos while I was out.

I don’t know what these little berries are, but they are very endearing. I believe the blossoms were white this spring.

My marigolds are again blooming profusely. I will be able to harvest a 3rd batch of flowers before the first frost. I’d better get on that. The marigolds on one side are completely entwined with the tomatoes. On the other side, morning glories have come up through the branches. I pulled most of them, but allowed one to remain.


I discovered what was sprouting up in the courtyard…lemon basil. I’m actually thrilled because I am going to cure some herbs in salt.


I am still enjoying the zinnias, too.


On the topic of fabric, I mentioned in my last post my goal about creating. Really, a huge part of my goal is to use up the fabrics, threads, laces, yarns, etc… I have accumulated over time. I have fabric from when I worked at a fabric store well over 20 years ago! I want to turn these materials into creations and send them out into the world, to be enjoyed by someone. I want to reduce the amount of materials I have, get things moving. When your cup is already full, there’s no room for something new.

Proudly, last week I set up my craft room. I have lived in this house for 2 years, will likely move again soon, and had not committed to using it. It is a luxury to have so much space. There are only two of us in this big house. You can see how many materials and supplies I have…although this is just one corner.


It is nice to have a dedicated place to stitch, by a window, where I do get some sunlight streaming in.

I have made progress on the SunMoonStars – inspired work.

I find I have worked a bit too dark in places and need to do more to lighten things up.

Here is a work co-inspired by Jude Hill and Grace. Still very much a work in progress. This is my looser piece.


It has some nice elements, but I have not begun embroidering yet.

Here’s the first effort after finding Spirit Cloth. Not yet finished, either. (Color: Walnut dye and violet Rit on old manpants.)


Last night I got out yarn. It felt good to be crocheting again. Playing with color schemes, strange moons and square-ish shapes.

I read on another blog about how the writer felt she worked in such a literal way. I have felt the same about myself, (have even been told that: “You are SO literal…) hence, the attempt at loose work. I know my work will never be tidy and perfect, and I like that and am embracing the idea of my own imperfection. My own way of working looser may just be to not worry about perfection and embrace the un-square corners and loose threads. I will keep trying.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy says:

    Oh my! I feel i have found my twin! I too have a lifetime of “stash” and for the last two years have redone most of the inside of my house including a craft room. I am not sure how i came across ?Jude’s blog, but feel i have found the best bunch of creative women! Women like you are my inspiration to be creative. Thank you for putting your thoughts and pics out for people like me who dont blog but enjoy finding inspirational ones.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      I have also found similarities with the women online who make/create. For several years I participated on Stitchinfingers, Sharon Bloggins site, and really enjoyed it.
      Thank you for reading and commenting…it is nice to know you are there. And congrats on using up that stash! I have switched gears many times creatively and know that is a big reason why things piled up. Now it is time to bring it all together!

  2. grace says:

    this is great. the whole post, but
    “registering soft and cool” is just the BEST….but isn’t it how it is? Till the
    third factor registered (smell) it was simply soft and cool. Oh…i just
    love this.
    And everything here. You go, Dakotah…..

  3. June Wildflower says:

    Thanks, Grace. You made me laugh. 🙂

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