Feeling in between…

I feel a bit off today. I woke up too early and had sketchy sleep afterwards. It’s made me feel tired and cranky and not sure how to shape my day.

I had some options. I could go to the yarn store and hang out where the annual yarn hop is going on. But I’m not sure I’d be good company. Maybe I will take a nap, instead. I have a slight headache.

Something unusual today…I learned about the death of a local man, an artist and photographer. I didn’t know him, but H did and spoke with him just a few days ago. I suppose he died suddenly, unexpectedly. The topic of their conversation? The historic stone bridges which suffered damage during recent flooding.


As you can see, the bridge above was destroyed, completely washed out. Three others were damaged. I haven’t heard if they will be torn down or repaired.

The man who died was nearly finished writing a coffee table book about the history of these bridges. He had been retired from his career job for less than two months. I wonder if the destruction of the bridges broke his heart?

The people who designed and built these bridges are long gone, along with their skills and craftsmanship. A few years ago, one of the stone bridges was replaced with a modern bridge. There wasn’t anything wrong with it other than the farmers hated it. They couldn’t get their big, modern farm equipment across it. Workers used bull dozers to take down the bridge. They thought it would be an easy task, but it took them days. The bridge was so well constructed it was nearly impossible to take down.

Other things of an antiquated nature…I took another look at some linens my mother gave me. She thinks they belonged to my grandmother, but really doesn’t know for sure where they came from. They are so beautiful. A few of them I will use in my new cloth making adventures. But some of these…I don’t think I have the heart to alter them. They are so perfect the way they are.

I love that old cotton camisole. I wonder who that belonged to? A piece of clothing from a time when women used many layers to cover themselves, all cotton. Many say life was simpler then.

On a different note, I’ve been working on my drawing efforts. I am hoping to take a drawing class this winter. I’ll have to drive an hour to reach it, but it’s the closest option I can find.

Per Jude Hill’s suggestion, I looked for inspirational photos online. I tried sketching a few faces I liked, mainly from ancient art, carved pieces and abstract art.

Maybe I can draw…just a little.










2 Comments Add yours

  1. grace says:

    yes…you Can draw. and there is also
    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
    an all time classic and the exercises in it are a JOY….

    and i hope you keep the inherited pieces as is. Soon there will be nothing
    like them.

    the bridges…oh, eeeeee…..

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thank you, Grace! I will look for that book.

      I looked at those linens once before, when I first brought them home, but I didn’t SEE them until the second time. I feel like that camisole belongs in a museum…

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