I heard someone come up onto the porch this morning, or thought I did. I was sure I did. I went out to see if there was mail. It was early for the mail lady to have been there, but I thought it had to have been her. It wasn’t.

I decided to look for my bratty kitten, who I’d heard chasing one of my older cats. Actually, what I heard was the older cat screeching in protest. Couldn’t find them. Stepped on a rock with my bare foot in the process. Ouch! Walked to the other side of the house where the yellow pear tomatoes, cucumbers and okra are still growing. I saw something strange. Very strange. Something bulbous and…Orange.


A GIANT Orange cucumber…was lurking on a vine, concealed by a board.

Giant cucumber in hand, I wandered back around the front of the house. Something else seemed strange, different. And it was. It was, well, Creepy.


It even said so, there among the dried, fallen leaves and dying flowers.


Ha! It must have been the local creeper committee…a nod to my spider décor.20161013_190239

This town really gets into Halloween.

Which reminds me of the creepy moon pic we took a couple weeks ago. The moon in chemtrails…what in the world are they spraying? Check out the youtube documentary by that name, if you’re interested.


In other news, I spent the weekend working on my book project. I have lots of photos to share and am nearly finished, but will save it for another post.

Yesterday there were a ton of vegetables to be picked. You can’t see them, but the bottom of the bucket it full of ripe tomatoes…Cherokee Purple and Brandywine. I think the Brandywines were my favorites this year.


My recently retired (as in Friday) MIL came over Saturday to pick up a shirt. We talked about my porch plants, namely the gargantuan ferns and wandering jew (is it just me or is that name kindof offensive? If I say Tradescantia pallida I don’t think anyone would know what I meant.) hanging plants. She wanted to know what I was going to do with them this winter. Well, they are going upstairs in the south room, the only room in the house with light and space. The room where I crack pecans, where extra bins of fabric have overflowed from my craft room, and where the two older cats will also be wintered over so as to have an escape from the younger two. I already have a few stands up there, but need more. I have a lot of plants – and cats – this year to winter over.

Friday morning I went out for whatever, cat feeding, veg checking, etc…came back in and felt something on my back. A spider? Usually a woosh of the hand will get them off, but this one stuck. I pulled my shirt around and it was a juvenile praying mantis. I took it outside. It kept coming back to me, wouldn’t take to a plant. Finally I convinced to hitch a ride on the WJ/TP, where it seemed quite happy for a time. It was still there when the MIL came to visit.


I got some silk embroidery floss wrapped onto embroidery cards so I can finally use it. A friend brought me three huge hanks in three different colors, gray, red and yellow, years ago. I’ve hardly used it. I’ve used the most of the gray. At the time I got it I wasn’t really into using silk thread, but these days I am really loving it. I just had to take a picture of the yellow hank. It is so gorgeous.



I thought of many things to write about as I was stitching this weekend. But it was a lazy weekend, and I mainly sat and stitched, so not a lot to report until I get my book finished.

I’ll leave you with this image.








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