Leather works and pecan progress…


Several years ago I made myself some leather thimbles. I needed a thimble for all the embroidery work I was doing, but didn’t care for the hard metal and plastic ones. Pushing a needle through cloth can cause some wear and tear on the digits. Here’s one I made out of some thin leather. You can see the hole I wore through it. I stuck a small scrap of thicker leather in there, but it doesn’t work all that well since it tends to shift around. I have a brown thimble that fits better than this one and is in better shape, although also wearing through, but I can’t find it. Either I misplaced it or it has become a cat toy.

So, yesterday, I got out some leather scraps and got to work. I’m happy to report I now have 6 new leather thimbles of various thickness in the bag as well as a handy pattern for making more. My fingers are thrilled.




The others I had made worked pretty well, but I hadn’t made them lengthy enough. The shorter ones had a tendency to pop off the end of my finger. I made these longer so they will stay on better. I also made these pretty snug with some extra stitching because the leather will eventually stretch out with use.

In other news, I have four quarts of pecans in the freeze.











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