HOTS progress and other things…

I spent four or five hours today tackling must-dos. My back is feeling it.

We go to Colorado next week for the workshop I’m attending, so we’ll be gone for an extended period. Since it IS November in Kansas, that means it could frost or freeze at a moment’s notice, even though nothing of that sort is in the forecast, which of course doesn’t mean anything. I don’t want to risk losing any plants, just in case, so steps must be taken.

I’m pretty happy with the amount I got done today which included but was not limited to: planting mums in the flower bed, locating and bringing down some warm clothes for the trip, vacuuming upstairs and down, prepping the upstairs spare room for its conversion into a greenhouse (more or less), hoisting in and hauling up the outside set of chairs and table to said greenhouse room (thanks H!), picking up the latest harvest of walnuts and hulls I’d dried, etc…etc…

Here is the outside table and chair set. I’m going to sit here in the sun this winter and drink tea, stitch, dream, etc… Having this up here makes me really happy. It is right next door to my sewing room and will also serve as a private room for the big girls so they don’t have to put up with the little girls, who will be stationed downstairs.


You get the drift. Many things were moved. Things do look better. It’s coming together and that makes me happy. I can probably finish up the bulk of it tomorrow by getting the plants in and organized and then I can concentrate on what I need to pack.

So, HOTS stands for my “Holding on to Summer” piece that I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s about the changing of the seasons and how, when the cooler days first began I was really dreading the end of summer. But, here we are, well into November and overdue for our first seasonal frost. I’m guessing one will hit when I’m still in Colorado, though, hence the great movement to get things safely put away. I had been putting off doing a lot of this preparation because Indian summer just keeps going, as my gardens can attest. I’m finally getting loads of tomatoes, which is really nice. But I’m going to have to pick lots of them before I leave, and also dig up the sweet potatoes. Yes, I still have much more work to do.

Here is my progress so far on Holding on to Summer.

I’m pretty happy with it so far and have big plans for the finishing touches. I really like how the butterfly on the right came out, and recently came up with another idea for finishing the wind square, which I may or may not get to before I leave. I’d like to stitch something else in the sun squares, but am not sure what at present.

So, what’s going on outside. I took a number of photos to share. I’ll post them all in a clump. I like to post these to share as inspiration.

I’ve gotten lots of volunteer basil starts, which I’m excited about. Except I need to get those picked and hung up to dry before I go, too. I just love that side patch of zinnias. I think those might have been from a different package of seeds, as they seem to be shaped a bit differently, although I can’t be certain.

In other news:

Like many others, I have been watching some of the happenings at Standing Rock. I try not to watch (or share) too much of it. It is important to me to let the game/freewill choices of others play out and stay at what is referred to as Point Zero. There is a whole lifestyle regarding this and has to do with how karma works in our reality, but I won’t get into that at present. I will say what I am talking about has its roots in Australian Aboriginal culture and, I believe, all native cultures knew these truths about how things really work in this universe. But, due to the wiping out of these native cultures, much of that knowledge has been lost. Honestly, these days I can see how this has been done intentionally.

I have seen a lot of people show surprise at what is being done to the people in Standing Rock. I guess I’m old enough now that nothing much surprises me. After all, the trouncing of human rights is how this country (and others) got its beginning. It’s the way things are done. It’s what this country has done to so many others all over the planet. We’re just seeing it up close and personal with this particular case.

I do feel like things in our world can change for the better, but WE have to change. We have to make other choices, especially about how we use oil. Governments aren’t going to make the changes for us, they are in bed with the corporations. It’s the private citizens who have to find the courage to stop living the way we’ve been trained to and start breaking out of the mold. I know we can do it. We can help each other.

This will likely be my last post for the next couple weeks, unless I am feeling very industrious. I won’t have much stitching time before I go. Even before I saw Jude’s TimeOut sign I had already realized I was ready for a little break myself.

So, I leave you with this…


And this…










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