I’m waiting for H to wake up from his morning nap so we can go to Costco.

This is my first post since before I left for Colorado and my workshop training. I won’t say it’s the first post since my old life and I’m now in my new life. It has been a progression that began last year and will continue through any remaining years I have. Learning, always learning.

On the drive out, on the 9th…

I laughed.

In disbelief.

In amazement.

I had never gotten past the idea that such a man could even be considered for Pres, let alone elected to the job.

So, I was stunned. Then, I laughed.

A wild card elected to the “highest” office in this crazy country.

If I was disappointed, it was only for a moment. Unlike many people, I keep myself at quite a distance from the political game. I don’t for a second believe that this office or the person in it is really ever concerned with the goings on of regular folk. There are too many puppet masters. You don’t get to that position in the political world because you are a great person, at least not these days. Even the best of people elected to that job must be corrupted in some way or fashion. Anyway, I don’t have stars in my eyes when it comes to politics. I don’t have faith that a single “leader” will save us, make or break us. Therefore, I am not devastated when one person or the other is elected. I observe.

But I do find it funny to see who people choose. To me, the choices were: the establishment NWO woman (whose largest backer was big pharma which kills nearly a million people each year – legally) or the Troll. Latest numbers show the majority of people wanted the woman – by 2 million. But the electoral college, who knows better than us (right?) – and whose role was established with the Constitution (maybe the only part of the Constitution being observed these days?) – voted for the Troll. If you can’t laugh over this, you might just go crazy.

Like Kansas. I see Trump as another Brownback, only on a bigger scale. The conservative minded folks with “values” voted in Brownback for a second term…only to find themselves jobless when he made certain cuts, especially in education. There was large scale disbelief.

One of the biggest national voting increases this year was among Hispanic voters, who turned out in larger numbers to vote for…the Troll.

On the other hand, with all the big tax cuts in Kansas for businesses, business owners did well. Personally, this was a good year for H and me. After a decade of struggle, I am grateful for this improvement. With the pro-biz attitude of the Troll, I suspect this trend will continue.

Just like earthquakes in Kansas will continue because big oil wants to have its way…and will get it. Just like pipelines will continue to be foisted upon people who don’t want them.

What I do see happening in the reactions of many people who wanted the woman, is the realization that they must fall back upon themselves. Who are you really and what do you stand for? How do you want to live? What will you do? They would have fallen back upon themselves anyway.

I think it’s great. The sooner we quit looking to selfish “leaders” to save us, the sooner we can begin to make changes to our own lives and realize, when it comes right down to it, us regular folk only have each other.

I had a friend on FB tell me angrily “you’re better than this” when I posted a meme last year which showed a quote from the woman and a quote from Hitler, which were exactly the same. My point was, hey, these people think alike…and what does that tell you? My “friend” obviously cared more about her political beliefs than the fact we had been friends for over a decade. I have seen this trend among many people. I responded something to the effect that the woman doesn’t give a damn about you. The woman doesn’t know you and doesn’t care about you. But I know you and care about you, and yet you care more about your political beliefs. What does that say about you?

I saw another meme on FB and H said it was true:

342 members of (the last) Congress are millionaires.

These people do not care about you.

H just woke up.

Done waiting.












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