Belief me not…


Admittedly, a weird title to begin a post, but it kind of sums up things for me…my thoughts of late. Beliefs? No, thanks. I’m happier without them. Beliefs seem to make people rigid…much better to flow…….

Anyway, That’s a picture of one of my cats above, with the snowflake I crocheted. It’s another doily pattern, one that happens to look a lot like a snowflake. I really like how it turned out. It’s made from 3- and 4-ply (basically sock weight) yarn I got at the local thrift store for $1 a skein, I think. Maybe half that, I can’t quite remember. I was happy to turn it into something useful.

Here’s the outside view.

On a funny note…see that birdfeeder there in the front? It’s hanging on a shepherd’s hook I stomped firmly into the ground…before we had snow. I asked H to go get the birdfeeder for me so I could put seeds in it. When he walked in, I looked up and there he was, holding the shepherd’s hook in one hand, birdfeeder still swinging from it. I just started laughing.

I haven’t done much stitching of late. I’ve mainly been crocheting. I started a festive doily for my MIL  – same pattern as above, but sized for a table – in green, but that’s on hold as I have to add more length onto the tablecloth I made for her. I took it to her house to see if it was big enough and…not quite. It needs more length.

We placed it over another tablecloth because it sticks to the one underneath and helps stretch it out. “This needs a good stretch.” That’s what the fair judge said this summer on the comment card. She was right. I HAD blocked it, but it needs to hang. Only got a red ribbon for my efforts. Beautiful stitching doesn’t always count. Must be “perfect,” I guess. Hmph.

Anyway, MIL LOVES it, so that’s what really counts! I’m trying to get it done asap so she can enjoy it for the holiday.

I forgot to mention the snowflake is my only décor for the holiday. Last year I got into it and put up lights, but this year, I decided the string of lights I keep on the porch year-round would do and the snowflake would be good well into January.

I really want to get back to stitching…and working on story cloths. I don’t know if I’ll ever find my niche there, but I sure would like to. I was remembering tonight the only art class I ever took, which was in college. I always had other electives to take in high school, but sometimes I would walk dreamily by the art room and stare longingly at the doorway, wishing I could take a class, feeling like I belonged there. I think I was stuck being too “responsible” or something. If I had to do it over again, I’d skip high school altogether…and college. What a colossal waste of time! And money. Instead, I’d travel and learn art and dance…and live. Anyway, this college painting class mistake…I signed up for 102, never having taken 101. How different could it be? I thought. Well, I got in there and everyone was already a painter. I had NEVER painted and I made a mess of it. There was ZERO instruction, we were just all left on our own. I barely made it through. I had a few decent efforts, but largely it was a joke. And not at all what I had expected.

That’s kindof how I am feeling lately with my cloth efforts…disappointed. Some creative things just click with me…others don’t. I’d like to branch out and do something new, but so far it’s just not happening. I’ll keep trying. I have so much fabric and I feel so encouraged sometimes by what I see others doing. And I have started a number of cloths. The only one I’ve finished so far was the one where I reverted back to crazy quilting, with a few newish techniques thrown in. I still love CQ and am thinking of incorporating bits of CQ into some cloth ideas. But I do feel like first I need to at least finish a few cloths that I’ve started.

I did try my hand at some cloth weaving on my new loom. I also have more crochet to share, but that’s for another day.

Here’s a wintry snowflake pic. I call it Snowflake in Snowflakes. Not really, but it was fun seeing it against snow.









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