Sometimes you don’t know…

I feel like I’ve gotten a second wind.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m finally beginning.

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten started (and finished) on some cloth adventures. One is done, another is nearly there…and I’ve gotten some further vision on already started pieces. I think sometimes things have to sit before they tell you what they want to be and you know which direction to go. Grace talks a lot about this.

Progress feels good.

A couple days ago I began this piece. I was wanting to try people and beasts, so my first start was a people.

No matter what I did with this face, she just always looked severe. Faces…I would like to get really good at them.

While stitching this first “Lady,” I was reminded of a time in grade school where I landed on the idea of making dolls using old pantyhose stuffed with polyfil for the heads. I mildly stitched here and there to created eyes, nose, etc…on the surface of the pantyhose. I showed them to a friend. The next day at school she came back with a bag full of pantyhose heads her high school-aged and very creative sister had done after she’d shared the idea with her. Her sister’s faces were full of ridges and valleys which created big cheeks, protruding noses, deep set eyes…meaning her faces were FULL of character and they looked real, as opposed to my one-dimensional efforts. I felt my faces were quite inadequate after that, but I didn’t give up. I ended up making a doll for my grandmother that looked a lot like her. I wonder what ever happened to it?

A little kantha…is so nice…

I really didn’t know where I was going with this piece. But I found I loved each step. The skirt was something I clipped off an early abandoned effort several months ago when I rediscovered Jude’s work. As it turns out, I was watching a video of hers and recognized it from years ago, probably from my days on stitchinfingers. I was more interested in crazy quilting back then, so I never followed Jude’s work. Since refinding her this year, I have found her take on invisible basting/glue stitch and satin stitch/wrap stitch very helpful. I really love how the pink flower turned out edged in soft green crochet thread. The nose and eyebrows are also based on Jude’s style and suggestions.

I had decided to call this piece “Lady.” Then, last night I changed that to “La Senora” because of her love of color. I had A LOT of fun trying out hairdos for her.

I was amazed at how much her personality seemed to change with each new coif. The second one with orange made her look like Lucille Ball to me. And the blond one is a lot like the lead singer from Twisted Sister. She could be an entertainer with that electric blue do. I just LOVE these roving pieces for hair, don’t you?

Her skirt also got some further embellishment. More pink. And a couple of Jude’s thread beads.


Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going with a piece. There are no drawings for this lady. But, the piece just flowed and I have had a lot of fun putting her together. Earlier today, I realized WHO and WHAT she is. I am currently working on her hair and final touches. I will share those later…





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