Not a lot going on…

The paw is still mending, so there’s not much progress to report other than it’s feeling a bit better. It’s easier to type now, which is nice. But last night I could hardly play cards it hurt so bad, but it was one more thing H and I could do together before he returned to his work schedule early this morning. By the time he gets home he will have been gone 11 hours. We are both tired of this routine and looking at making changes.

Today is a mild, gray day. This morning we had fog, which I love. I slept a long time, so was unable to capture the fogginess, but here’s what this winter day is looking like.


It’s warm enough I may go ground a bit. Maybe that’s the boost I need. I’ve been feeling pretty blah all winter so far.

Yesterday, being New Year’s Day, H wanted to go out to eat. I finally relented when I realized I wouldn’t be able to do much at home with this injured hand. Our first stop was the Chinese restaurant where we have celebrated the new year in the past. They always give customers a free calendar, which is a nice tradition. And we usually buy a second. I like to have a calendar here when I’m working on the computer.

Last year was horses. The year before we had beautiful koi fish. This year I liked the rooster.

20170102_151810He must be crowing, because his mouth is open. I loved his colors. And that is such a nice sun.

Our next stop was the grocery store chain where I had $15 in gift certificates to spend. I felt badly for shopping on a holiday and seeing all those glum faces of the employees. Actually, the employee faces are usually glum at this chain. I don’t think this corporation treats its people well. The stores we really like to shop at, Aldi and Costco, were closed for the holiday. Good for them!

Anyway, last month I was eating my favorite store brand chips and bit down on a large pebble. Ouch! I told the company about it, sent photos of the guilty bag, and they apologized and sent me the certificates. I used them to buy these items: a brand new thermos for soup – something I’ve been wanting for quite a while – and some cookie cutters to use as patterns. I was mainly interested in the star shape and the fact it has two traceable sizes, but the tree might be nice, too. Both items were on sale, so that was a bonus!

20170102_133230I might give Santa away. I’m not really into Christmas these days.

Readership on the blog has been slow as molasses. Maybe that’s because of the holidays being busy, or maybe people are not interested in what I have to say or share. Could be some of both. Anyway, I decided I will keep this blog going for at least a year before I decide whether to close it or not. I like the diary aspect of blogging, it’s something I really do enjoy. But there’s only so long a person can talk to themselves.

I do have one finished project I hadn’t shared yet. It’s called Home.


Here’s how it developed:

I really enjoyed the stitching. I never had a plan for this one, just went right along.

I’ve also been meaning to share the knitted afghan I found at the thrift store for $4. Someone put a lot of time into this only to have it donated, but I am happy to have it. I washed it, found one hole to mend where the thread ends had come apart, and put it on my bed. I like the weight of it, and the colors.

There have been developments on the cat front. I may have mentioned I gave up chasing off the stay cat, who I have named “Bully.” I began calling him that derogatorily because he was aggressive towards my cat. Now I’m using it’s original meaning, “a fine chap.” Chick still avoids him, but I haven’t heard any squalling or scrapping because of his presence, which is a nice change. Each morning I give him a cup of food. So far, it seems to be keeping the peace. He doesn’t run off like he used to, either.



He’s really a gorgeous boy. Tortoise shell pattern. Maybe someday he’ll want to be petted. I wonder if he once had a home.

Today isn’t the only warm day we’ve had. After a cold spell it warmed up to the 30s and for some reason this little guy surfaced. He kept the little girls entertained for several days. Of course, if the girls hadn’t gotten him the cold probably would have. Note to snakes: it’s not time to come out yet.


On a final note to catch up on things, I did do a bit of fabric weaving using the Martha Stewart loom I purchased. It was fun and quick. I used silk sari ribbon and some other silk I had cut up from scraps for another project that never got finished. These are what ifs because I have no idea what I’ll use them for.


And here is yesterday’s weird sky.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    I think Bully has found a new home I love the challenge of a stray earning their trust thanks for posting i enjoy reading. I dont have a blog but appreciate that you do The projects you show are inspiring

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thanks for reading, Peggy. Bully seems much more relaxed these days. And there has been evidence for a while that he is sleeping on the warming blanket that covers Chick’s crate. I am hoping the sharing stays friendly. 🙂

  2. jude says:

    your cloth weaving is lovely. i deleted my first blog back in 2005. ha! I was so frustrated,,,

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thanks, Jude. I know it takes a while to build a readership. I will keep going…

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