People in my neck of the woods have gotten super riled up over the last couple of storms. It has bordered on the hysterical at times, with people lining up to buy generators and groceries and some claiming online that the storms would cause many deaths.

Me and H? We drove 45 minutes north yesterday to go out to eat at our favorite new Mexican restaurant.

But that’s us. We are generally nose-thumbers. When you’ve covered the news as long as we have, you recognize hyperbole when you see it.

The storms here were wet and somewhat icy. But anyone with the ability to read a thermometer or simply look up how cold it was going to get at night would have realized it wouldn’t be that bad. A low around freezing isn’t going to cause that much harm. Of course, there were those who didn’t have sense enough not to get out and drive late at night during the worst of it. Now, that is foolish.

I got outdoors before our trip to town and snapped a few photos.

Most of it melted throughout the day because of all the rain. It’s nice to get some rain in January. December and January are typically our drought season.

In other news…I’m trying not to think too much about the big event this week. It’s my goal to stay in non-reaction, also known as zero point. When you react to something you enter someone else’s game and can get stuck in time, recreating the same event over and over (per Aboriginal Lore.) These are not events I necessarily want to relive.

In an earlier post I mentioned laughing at the ridiculousness of the current political system, more out of disbelief rather than any enjoyment of the situation. I have to say I find Alec Baldwin and SNL’s take on things good stress relief. The first 20 seconds are golden – no pun intended – and certainly sum up my thoughts. Laughter is the best medicine. Maybe it will help get some of us through this.

H and I stopped into a Goodwill store last week on a whim. I think I already shared the photo of the decorative box I found. It is now filled with my DMC floss, mostly solids, which I had kept in plastic baggies separated by color. Now they are still arranged by color clumps, but I think I already prefer being able to see them in one place all together.


It is one more step towards organizing my supplies in general – and the couch pile in particular.

My other fab find at Goodwill was this:


A suede leather Hobo bag by Eddie Bauer. Barely used. In fact, the only way I could tell it had been used at all was I found a few crumbs and a couple of cat hairs at the bottom. The leather is pristine, the stitching superb, the lining a fabulous heavy beige 100% cotton. I used it last night to hold the ipad, phone, cards, tea thermos and water to take with us on a late night story H was covering. I was thrilled to use it. A great find for $7. I found only one other online, a brown one, used and stained with paint, for $25. The seller said this bag originally retailed for $80.

My second drawing class is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. I experienced an especially peaceful moment during my first class when everyone was given an assignment (we drew a coffee can, funnel and sphere) and the whole room fell silent, except for the gentle skritching of pencils on paper. It was blissful. Here are a couple of my efforts this week.

The hurricane lamp I’ve had for over 20 years. Please someone tell me they recognize the item on the right. H had to hold the sketch pad in his hand before he could tell what it was. He then confessed he is unable to see those trick 3D pictures where you lightly cross your eyes and the image pops out at you. I’m not sure if I knew that about him.


As you can see, I’m mostly ready for my next class. I have some work to show and bought supplies. I found the bag on clearance for 85 cents – regularly $4! It had a long thread hanging from the stitching near the zipper…nothing a snip of the scissors couldn’t fix! I also snagged a couple of very nice sketching journals for $2.15 each, regularly $10 a piece (one is slightly pictured under the thread box.)

On the cat front, everybody has cabin fever. I try to get them to spend as much time outside as possible, but it’s cold and a tough go. Four cats is a lot to have in the house at once, and it gets overwhelming at times, even though I have the luxury of space here and can put the little girls upstairs for the night. The hissing and histrionics of the big girls gets tiresome. They were quite happy last winter when it was just the two of them.

I looked out just now to see Chick. I hadn’t seen him in two days. He was quarantined in his little shed for 3 because he had fat foot, swollen due to some sort of injury. He must have had some roaming to do. Earlier I saw Olive run by with another garter snake in her mouth. Where on earth is she finding them??? And this little face at the window cracks me up every time.


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