Ode to beauty pink…

Before I get things started, I just wanted to say…


Welcome to our home.

Have a snake.


It was the original unfortunate garter snake Olive was playing with the other day. It’s flatter and more dehydrated since the first time I saw it, but it was evidently stashed away for safekeeping. I wonder if she thought I might like to play with it for a while, because she deposited it here, twice. I swept it to the edge of the porch one night – not wanting to throw it away because I know how much she enjoys playing with it – only to look down the next morning and see it right side up and placed so it looked like it was moving towards my foot. Achk! It’s days like these I am grateful I don’t have a cat door…who knows what she might bring in.

Matty, aka “Bratty”, was up to her own shenanigans. We came home from the city yesterday to find she’d done this. I suspect it happened in her efforts to reach the fish, who live farther up above this plant.


Always fun to clean these up.

I really can’t complain. They are very good girls, super sweet, and other than a few mishaps are a joy to have with us.

On the pink front, I was thinking about dying more, how it seems to unify things and bring other colors together. I had a baggie of pink embroidery floss I was given some time ago, a garish pink I didn’t care for. I’ve given a lot of it away in swaps over the years. This morning I picked out a few skeins from the box. These threads, as you can see, are quite old.

5 cents! How about that? There were some other pinks in that family of threads. Some of them are currently getting the tea treatment. I might follow Jude’s clue and just tea dye them and not rinse them out. I left the wrappers on just for grins, to see what would happen to them.


I hope they are enjoying the earl gray leftovers, brewed in my new tea pot, which I already LOVE.


I had some funny money to spend with Amazon, a Christmas gift card, and my box of goodies arrived yesterday. Besides the tea things, I got some new Fiskar products: snippers, a scissor sharpener and an angle protractor for drawing class.


I’m iffy about the snippers. They are sized super small and don’t fit well in my hand. Still, I will use them. They are super sharp. The sharpener was helpful. It did improve an old pair of Fiskars, worked on my Mundials (which are STILL quite fabulous after 20 years of never being sharpened), and slightly improved a pair of cheapie scissors.

After becoming a little disappointed that the ends weren’t sharpening well, H informed me that’s a trouble spot for scissors. He said it used to be his job – at some point in school – to sharpen all the scissors, so he would know. The scissors that sharpen up the best are the old style all metal silver ones with the black handles. You can use those forever, he said. My mom has a pair of all silver Fiskars, I think. I remember the day she got them. When I cut a thread with them she lost it. But then, she was always losing her cool.

I’ve started a new project. I wanted something I could just pick up and stitch on, without having to spend time thinking about composition or styling, and this beautiful tablecloth I found at the local thrift store came to mind. It seems the perfect host for a word cloth.

I’m currently basting it with this thread, which is a favorite to do basic sewing with. I’m on my second spool of it.


It’s super strong (made for jeans) and has such a fabulous sheen to it. Oh, look at that: Coats.

I was originally thinking of using the striped blue and white tablecloth for the backing, but instead switched gears and am stitching it to a large piece of a green organic cotton sheet I’d worn out and started cutting up for smaller backing fabric. So far, the two pieces are coming together beautifully using Jude’s glue stitch.

By the way, each of those tablecloths cost me $1 a piece at the local thrift store. There are so many antique linens that show up there and are such a treasure. I always stop by that part of the store on a visit and usually come home with something great. This blue one is SO soft and has such a nice feel to it. It was obviously used and has some stains, but I don’t care. I’ll cover them up.

I’m currently searching for a nice piece of lace, tatting or crochet to stitch in the center, just to get things started and have something to work around. I have a lot of nice trinkets like this that might find a home here. I thought about stitching 2017 in the middle, but I want this to be about the months and the things that happen in them, rather than a focus on the year. I might save stitching the year to the very end.

While the tea soaks into the pink threads, there is one other beauty pink for which I am anxiously waiting.








3 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    Have a safe trip Take the dried cactus flowers and add them to homemade paper LOVE hearing about the cats

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Ah…homemade paper…it’s one of the things I’ve wanted to make for years, but never got around to. Maybe this year? I’m pretty sure I have a book somewhere.

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