She waited to bloom…

I was so excited to get home and find this was just beginning…


She waited until I got home to begin blooming! I’m so excited and have been watching the slow progress. She has more blooms on the way, some are just starting, so I’m hoping I get to enjoy this color for a while.

I’ve decided to call her a winter cactus, seeing how we have skipped the holiday part.

I was disappointed to find two buds had been knocked off while I was away. I suspect a fat cat was sunning herself on the kitchen table and her big bazoongus knocked them off. The girls know they are not allowed on the table, but if no one’s around to stop them then…

Before my trip I stopped in at the local thrift store where I have found some very nice fabrics, including the beautiful and soft blue tablecloth which has become my word cloth. I had just walked in when I noticed this on the floor.


The lace trim is intricate and divine, the stitching quaint and colorful. I just love it. And, at 25 cents, I don’t mind if I do! I figure someone must have meant to buy it, but dropped it by accident.

Here are a few close-ups of the beautiful detail. The stitching is so fine.

In other news, progress on the word cloth has begun. I’m already feeling very fond of this project.


I was treated to several sightings of bluebirds this month, including some in Texas, so bluebirds had to go on this cloth. I just love bluebirds.

Perhaps winter cactus will go there, too. She has played an important role this month. And I find I can relate to her, being a bit of a late bloomer myself.

I hope you are staying warm on this sunny, yet chilly, winter’s day.



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  1. Peggy McG says:

    I learned the hard way that the winter cactus needs water during the blooming time otherwise will drop buds Yours looks happy Love the cloth find! Happy daily life

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Yes, I have been watering every couple of days. The big blooms opened all the way today…so exciting!

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