Two more weeks…

We had a good laugh last week when one of the DJs H works with announced there would be two more weeks of winter predicted by the groundhog.

Expectedly, he caught a lot of flack for that. This guy has a tendency to not research anything.

I’m actually ok with there being six more weeks, as I have some garden preparations to do. I got started a couple days ago laying out some cardboard and piling on leaves to make my version of raised beds. The weather was beautiful and not winter like at all. My back is still tired and strained from those efforts.

I’m preparing the garden, even though I don’t know if we’ll actually be here. That’s kind of the story of my life. We’re always making plans and keeping things open for possibilities. It’s grown tiresome. And, perhaps, in spite of that tendency of ours to not know where we’re going to be, I purchased these…


I’m particularly excited about this one…


Apparently good for making soup stock. I can’t wait!

I also want to get some ducks. I wanted to last year, but it never happened. We paid a guy to make us a chicken coop last year, but that never happened. I’d like to have some chickens, too. We’ll see what happens…

Over the past week I managed to finish a couple of projects – the weaving I had started and a crochet bag.

H was puzzled by the weaving:

what’s that for?…it’s just some weaving…but what’s it going to be? …I don’t know, it’s just some weaving…but what are you going to do with it?…I don’t know, it’s just some weaving…

I guess he is used to most of my creative efforts having purpose. Of course, I envision it going into cloth work some day, like Jude’s beautiful creations, but obviously I’m not there yet.

The crocheted Rondo bag is a free pattern from my favorite free pattern company…Drops. I want to line it, probably will use up some more of that quilting fabric I have. I think I even have colors that would match.

I didn’t get a lot of drawing done last week, but did manage another hand…and then there was class yesterday.




We worked with charcoal.

And, there was another Prairie Girl.



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  1. Hello June!

    Reading your blog was the best thing of the day…I have a bad cold and no energy to do much…my kingdom for a bed!
    It´s good that you have space to plant, have a chiken coop, and all those things connected to the land.I love all this…but I live an apartment and have only a bib at the living room window…just that.
    I love reading, studiyng and planting aromatic and medicinal herbs. In this moment I have only a beatiful and dear rosemary that appreciates the strong summer sun,and a few days ago surprised me with a beatiful and delicate lilac flowers! I was happy like a child… I did not imagine that he could flourish in such small place! these are beatiful gifts, are they not? My God ! I start talking about thes things and I will not stop! The crochet bag looks beatiful…I like the colors!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Hi Maria…when I feel frustrated about living in this small town and having the noise around me I remind myself that to have so much space is really a luxury. There are so many people like you who live in apartments and have little green space. I love those places where they have a garden for the apartment dwellers to use, it really is so therapeutic!
      I love herbs, too. Some of my own dried rosemary went into the dumplings…it is such a wonderful plant, isn’t it?
      Feel better soon…so nice to hear from you.

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