Birds, bees and…ducks…

The past week has felt like spring.


I’ve had a few bees buzzing around me in the backyard, likely in search of blossoms. (That’s a photo from last spring.) The only thing I’ve seen blooming so far is shepherd’s purse which is an herb that has a little white globe-type blossom. But after nearly an inch and a half of rain last night I suspect early flowering plants will be popping out all over.

It seemed like it was possibly building up to rain when I was on my walk around  Path last night. (I got 3 miles in!) But I don’t pay attention to forecasts, they change so much anyway, and I wasn’t expecting it. It had been so long since I had heard thunder, I didn’t recognize the storm rolling in a few hours later.

Last year H was not allowed to mow in the backyard for a long time…not that he minded, as he is not a fan of mowing. But I wanted to see what all would grow there and what all would bloom. I couldn’t believe how many dandelions and other flowers we had…it was like a carpet with the bees swarming all over them. This year there will be even less mowing, as I am using more space for gardening. We’ll see if any of it comes to fruition…H is looking for jobs elsewhere.

The birds and bees signaling spring have me thinking about…ducks. I’m getting some! I wanted some last year, but I stalled. Actually, I bought 9 beautiful ducklings last spring when visiting a former acquaintance, but in a very complicated situation in which I had to leave quickly I was unable to take them with me. They were all left behind, and I was very sad about it. Once home, I couldn’t find the kind of ducks I was looking for: Muscovy. I’m hoping to get a few here when the local farm supply starts selling chicks and ducklings. I might get a few chicks, too.

Here is Buggar, surrounded by the dandelions…


Even though the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter, we’re obviously marching along towards spring. I don’t listen to those silly predictions anyway. I listen to the birds. They are singing about spring all over the place. I have the front window open and have been listening to their delightful songs this morning. Now, if I could just beam myself to the country some place and be surrounded by those song birds, that would be ideal…

Stitching was completed on Two Hearts and gifted to H. He promptly ran out and purchased a frame for it. I thought that was very sweet.


I got the red linen backing on after the bulk of the stitching was done. I don’t have a lot of that lovely red, so I removed what wouldn’t show.


Even though I had pinned the decorative bit down, when I put the edge stitching around it a sort of bubble was created. Once I got the final backing on I had to invisible stitch the front down, sliding in between layers. Halfway through the second edging I realized the thick perle cotton thread I was using was just too bulky. I’m not a big frogger (ripping stitches out) but this had to go. A thinner thread looked much better.


A couple closeups…

It didn’t take too long to get it framed. I decided to use fabric for the backing. I had plenty of that shiny red/blue to spare.


I wasn’t sure why I included the silver silk shantung, other than it was a nice contrasting bit of color. It did make sense in a sort of I Love You way…and then H pointed out how it looks like a “KU” theme…his favorite basketball team…which happens to have these colors. It really does look like KU sports gear. Kindof funny how that turned out.

As usual, the weekend went by too fast. We did, however, enjoy some good meals. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, which was nice. But this meal at home – pasta with sweet potato puree – was a highlight.


I really didn’t have a plan going into it, but suddenly a pasta dish sounded really good. Here’s how I made it:

I boiled 1/2 a package of Farfalle (bow tie) pasta (250g/9 oz) with 3 cloves of garlic. I grated just over 1/2 cup of Piave Italian cheese, similar to romano or parmesan. I chopped up a handful of fresh basil (from my plants I wintered over upstairs…I’m so glad I did that!) I drained the pasta, removed the garlic and mashed it in a large mixing bowl, then added 1 Tbsp butter along with the other ingredients. Plus about 3/4 tsp. pink sea salt.

I had warmed up a very large sweet potato earlier, which I had with butter for breakfast, so I scooped out the rest and in a separate bowl I mixed it with a little salt and 1-2 Tbsp goat cheese. I kept thinking it would go really well as a topper for my pasta… and it did! We drizzled olive oil over the top, which added a wonderful nutty flavor.

The combination was really lovely. We enjoyed it immensely…along with a bottle of San Pelegrino mineral water, which seemed only fitting.

Wishing you good meals with true loves…





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  1. Peggy McG says:

    The heart stitching turned out wonderful, your H does sound like a great guy. I love to let the yard be as natural as i can without offending my neighbors too much as wildlife means more to me than them! I never thought of putting the garlic in with pasta as it cooks! I am going to try this but with butternut squash as i grew an abundance of that and baked and froze it. Enjoy the day!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Ah, neighbors…one of mine has been offending me all day! LOL. I haven’t grown butternut squash in a while…sounds wonderful! I think it would go great with pasta.

  2. How many plans for spring! It´s sure to be a lot of fun! Ducklings are so cute…I hope you find the ones you are looking for.
    I love dandelions…they look like mini mandalas,little suns of joy! here they grow everywere and rejoice those who pass.Buggar is a beauty among them !What eyes, what a beatiful color!That beatiful expression in the look…God´s things is not it?
    I wish we had a nice groundog to tell us when this heat will improve…I thing that there are not groundogs around here…I find this story very amusing!
    Your embroidery with hearts become beatiful… and was received by a loving and tender heart! What a good thing! Thinking of this I remembered a song by a singer that I like a lot.I translate as I could the lirics,of course much is lost of the art of word in a translation like this…but I think it gives to have an idea.The name of the music is :The thread and the linen (A linha e o linho) of the singer Gilberto Gil .I hope you like it!

    The thread and the linem

    It´s your life that I want to embroider in mine
    as if I were the cloth and you the thread
    and the needle of the real in the hands of fantasy were embroidering, stich by stich ,our day to day
    and gradually appearing our love…our crazy feelings..our love.
    The zig zag of torment,the colours of joy, the generous curve of understanding forming the petal of the passion rose.
    Your life my way…our love
    you the thread, and I the linen, our love
    our bedclothes, oue tablecloth…
    In embroidery reproduced our home, the paths, the river, the sun,the bird ,the tree…
    the nest of beauty..

    I´m sending the link if you want to hear the music
    Have a nice week..

  3. June Wildflower says:

    What a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing that, Maria. Is he singing in Portuguese? I recognize some of the words as Spanish. The lyrics are fantastic.
    Buggar is a beauty…and she has such a strong Spirit. She has been with us the longest. She is the mama cat…keeping all the others in line (as much as possible!)

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