What the tea did…

Here are the bits I tea-soaked yesterday…


I put samples of the originals next to the tea-dyed ones. Pretty dramatic change on the blues…not so much on the yellow and white piece. Hardly anything at all on the tatted flowers. You never know…

I’ve been trying out some ideas on In Nature…

Last night I got it basted to the larger cloths, both of which were also tea-dyed yesterday. I actually stitched on the wrong side of the white one…shhhhh…don’t tell anybody.

I really like that green silk. Is it obvious?

My ipad has a nice drawing feature. I know, it’s taking me forever to learn how to use that thing.

Idea one:


Idea two:


What do you think?

Ok, I’m trying to write the rest of this surreptitiously. I’ve got the screen shrunk down to a small square because…H still doesn’t know. He’s busy getting ready for an event he’s working tonight. So, I’m typing bits here and there when he’s out of the room. It’s not that I’m trying to keep the ducklings a secret at this point. I’m more interested in seeing how long it takes before he notices.

I’ve officially kept them alive for two days now. It’s also clear to me that they’ve already grown.


This is bath time. They love it, of course…like a duck to water and all that…I throw in bits of grass for them to nibble on. The water was a little deeper today so they could actually do a half swim scoot through it. It’s really impressive how fast they can move.


The plate is there so they can get out of the water and rest if they want to. Ducklings can get tired quickly…they can also drown. So, bath time is supervised closely.

While the duckies are having a bath, I’m busy cleaning their tub, which is in my bathtub. Still not real thrilled about that one, but it has to do for now.


How do you like that fancy watering system? It actually works great. Until they have a bigger space and I can use the gallon size one I bought, these will be fine. You have to be careful not to cut the hole too large, otherwise they will climb in. A couple of them have already tried.


I did just have the small container, but I added two more. One is on the end towards you in this picture. Now that they have 3 watering holes the entire tub is now soaking wet, instead of just one corner. Oh goody. That means more to clean up. Keeping them supplied with water is very important, but I am now rethinking that 3rd container.

I also realized today I did jump the gun on getting these guys. If H gets offered the job we will be traveling to check things out and likely gone for several days. If our friend has time to keep an eye on things for us like he did last time, all will be well. If not, we will have to rely on family, which would be both fine and also a worst-case scenario. Maybe the duckies will be going with us. I’m only half kidding. Either way, if he doesn’t find out on his own, H will have to be let in on the secret soon…

On the plus side, I highly recommend the experience of owning ducks and/or chickens. Watching them, I can literally feel my blood pressure going down. It is so relaxing. Today I asked them Are you having fun? They all stood up straight, flapped their tiny wings, peeped at the top of their tiny lungs and ran around the tub like lunatics.

It was great.

I’ll tell H soon. He wouldn’t want to miss this.







4 Comments Add yours

  1. How interesting is this process of working with cloth! How it changes,how it gains new dimensions and depth…and at same time it is so natural and organic.I thought it was getting beautiful…I liked more idea number one.
    H still did not notice…men,I thing they are more distracted for certain things! It is an interesting research!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      You are so right…changing in dimensions and depth…
      Men…not so much…haha

  2. Peggy McG says:

    Tea experiment surprised me, i never would have thought the blues would change so much. I really like that! I too like drawing number one best its like a hug.
    I remember smuggling a rabbit into a hotel. We kept him in the bathtub overnight, what a mess to clean out the next morning! At least the ducks are in portable totes!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      The duckies are already eyeballing the top of the tote! I’m sure they will try to escape soon.
      Thanks for the feedback

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