A day without wind…

The sun was out today. My face feels a bit toasted. And a gentle breeze, no wind. It was perfect.

TG&Y had their bath outside today. They loved it. They loved the water, anyway, in their tub. I’m not sure if they could tell they were “outside.”

Just two days ago it was a stretch to step from the bottom of the tub onto the brick I placed in there. Today it was no problem. They all climbed onto the brick and taller half brick this time and preened. Which reminds me I need to check they can reach their indoor water ok. It was completely filthy, so I placed the container on a couple of boards to help keep them out of it. Maybe it will work.

Olive and Noodle were interested in the ducks, although pretty respectful. Mostly they sniffed around the perimeter of the tub. A screen on top kept them from getting too close. They know the ducks are off limits. That’s clear. Soon they will be big enough the cats won’t be interested at all. At least, I hope so.

I also gave up trying to remember “Myrtle” instead of “Turtle.” And I changed “Girdle” to “Gyrtle.” I wouldn’t want to be named after a girdle.


Here is the brand new Coldwater Creek jacket I got for $2.50 at my local thrift store. It was wrinkly because I had washed it.


Such a nice spring jacket. I couldn’t pass it up, even if it was orange. I don’t wear orange. So, it is at this moment soaking in a pail of warm violet dye. I hope it takes. I’m trying to push it to coral, or at least just not orange.

Yesterday I managed to get 12 seedling pots started, of peppers and tomatoes. I also got the seeds out of the two okra pods I saved from last season’s plants. Those plants were grown from plants I grew from organic seed in 2014. This is some of the most beautiful okra seed I’ve seen, perfectly formed.


I have been dreaming about planting a forest of okra around the perimeter of Path. I have many other things planned for the back yard. Today I dug up more of those seedlings growing in the shelter of the fence line. And I got the outdoor table and chairs moved from upstairs to the backyard. If the weather’s nice I will eat out there tomorrow.

I’m so happy it is spring. I hope you all are enjoying it, too.







4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    Now I might wish I did live in Kansas. We had low around zero last night and not much more for the high today!
    Love the Coldwater Creek brand! Lucky you!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Yikes! It is still dipping down into the 30s here. Neighbor said it’s supposed to freeze again soon??? Boo!
      I have a number of things from CC. So far I’ve gotten two brand new jackets from there. I could have had a 3rd, but it was also….orange! 😉

  2. There are times when everything seems to be right does not it? We just have to enjoy and thank…so much good and beautiful!
    What a delight to make plans for the back yard…that good thing to produce the seeds themselves! Spring and seeds have a lot in common.
    Here we walk to the autumn,with heavy rains…and all over the city the beautiful trees that only bloom during Lent (TIBOUCHINA GRANULOSA),considered the trees that announce Easter.They are usually purple, the color of Lent, but there are also in pink.They give a nostalgic and sweet air at the end of the long summer.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Yes, so much good and beautiful…
      I’m certain I can smell those blossoms!

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