How time flies…

Where has the week gone?

I wanted to write a full post since I am up late, having slept very early and am now up again, but I can’t find the keyboard we just bought for this thing. So I will peck at this screen for a bit before returning to bed.

Monday was spent clearing out the ducks shed, formerly chickies shed. I had known for several days TG&Y needed more space. Turtle had been telling me so, climbing onto the food container, pecking my leg and peeking over the side. Perhaps I was in denial over how fast they are growing. But, Sunday night, when she spread her minuscule wings, gave a loud PEEP and lurched for the top, I knew time had run out.

So, the next day I ripped out the cruddy old mustard yellow carpet, something I had longed to do for two years, swept up some ancient dust that had been hiding beneath it, and converted a chunk of space into a new duck pen. They love it.

TGandY, sorry the darn symbol button suddenly won’t cooperate, were thrilled. They flapped their teensy wings and ran around peeping like little maniacs…and then, THEN…they saw their POND that has WATER in it which they can access ANY TIME they want! Oh, the joy of it.

The pond, of course, is merely an old litter box. But hey, they don’t know that. Truth is, in just a few days they’ve already outgrown this, too. Tomorrow I will find a bigger pond.

Tuesday morning I was forced to do housework. Then there was my last drawing class. Then we went shopping. Both latter tasks took up the entire afternoon and evening.

Wednesday was cleaning up after the ducks, getting in a mile walk, cooking, running errands, and before I knew it it was evening and I was exhausted. I fell asleep at seven thirty…symbol button still not cooperating. Now I’ve been up for a while. Hopefully sleep will come again soon.



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  1. Peggy McG says:

    Yes time flies so easily these days that i question what day is it?! “Where did the time go” seems to roll off my tongue frequently. I so enjoy seeing your stitching. Glad you make time for it!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thanks, Peggy. Soon it will be summer, eh? Sometimes I feel life is like pushing down a fast forward button.

  2. Time is a mysterious thing…There is a inner time and the time of the world…I always thought so…and they are rarely syncronized. Magical moments happen when the inner time and the outside time become one! sometimes it happens…when we are stitching,is not it?

    1. June Wildflower says:

      When stitching everything seems to come together, doesn’t it?

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