Honey dreams…

We were at Costco the other day and guess what they are selling?

Beehive kits!

I told H I really wanted one…he continues to remain in a state of disbelief.

You have cats AND ducks and you want bees, too?

Well, yes, yes I do. (And a dog, in case you forgot!)

Yesterday we were in the backyard and I pointed to the ground.

See, I’ve already started my hive!


The look of shock on his face was priceless. He’s such a city kid!

In efforts to change my diet, I’ve taken a cue from Cecelia.


I’m not a huge fan of salads…all that lettuce, dressing, denying myself croutons…

But I am loving this cornucopia of fruits, nuts and veg. Why didn’t I ever think of doing this? I’m on day 3.

I’m hoping to do more stitching today. There’s not a lot else on the agenda and it’s beautiful out.

Here’s a look at the word cloth, stitched when it was, well…





4 Comments Add yours

  1. LOVE your colourful plate and honey bee kits? at costco? goodness. Your bowl of sugar water looks perfect – I would put marbles in the bottom to save them from drowning too.. good luck with your colourful diet – it is my favourite kind of eating.. c

    1. June Wildflower says:

      When I was in Argentina one of my favorite meals was called “picatta”. It was a huge variety of different things to eat and I loved it. I was reminded of that meal the first time I tried your colorful diet! Perfect way to eat.
      Those glass rocks are the closest I have to marbles…they really love that plate of water…just water, no sugar…perhaps I should add some sugar? Thirsty bees!
      I can see them flying off in two directions, so I’m thinking two local hives…hmmmm…

      1. Peggy McG says:

        My phone wasnt letting me leave a message under the “leave a comment” so i tried hitting the reply to this reply… LoVe Bees
        Have bees, will travel!

      2. June Wildflower says:

        Me, too. They are fun to watch! I did find one casualty, though, so I have readjusted the bits and pieces in there. Interesting that the big bowls of water for the cats are only about 5 feet away, but they don’t go near them. I usually have some sticks in the cat’s water, or rocks, so the bugs don’t drown.

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