A gray day…

I woke up early this morning – minus a couple hour’s precious sleep – to the most horrendous leg cramp I have every experienced in my life. Hours later, it still hurts to walk.

I think it must be the result of all the bending and maneuvering I did yesterday when fortifying the new duck pen. I don’t know how long I worked on it, but it is about as secure as I can get it at this point. And I have the chewed up hands to show for it!

I think I did a good job. Noodle volunteered to test it, so I locked her inside and watched for signs of possible escape. There were none. The cats are all very curious…they can’t really climb on top of the thing because of all the holes in the wire…and why did I give them such a big tub to drink out of??? They think everything is for them.

And while the pen is ready, the duckies are not. They still are not fully feathered out and it’s too cold to let them get wet, especially outdoors. I think tomorrow will work, though, as it’s supposed to be in the 70s.

At least things are looking prettier. I took this yesterday when there was sun…


After refilling the duck’s food bowl, which was upside down and empty, TG&Y nearly choked themselves gobbling down their grain. Gyrtle managed to get a lump of it stuck in her craw…do ducks have craws?…and was in a bit of distress for a while.

In efforts to supply them with some more dietary options, I chopped up some leftover potato and half a banana for them and took it out just a bit ago. Turtle nibbled. Yoyo tasted. Gyrtie watched suspiciously from afar. When Turtle shook a tidbit out of her mouth and squeaked, they all looked at me like I was playing some kind of dirty joke on them. To emphasize her point, Turtle picked up a speck of green off the floor, dropped it and kindof pointed at it with her long nose as if to say, no…green, it’s green we like…see??…green!

So, I went out and picked them a bunch of greens. They liked those much better.

It appears I have picky ducks, as well as picky cats. Oh, goody.

Speaking of green…here is a bit of progress on Aubergine and Green


I have never quilted much, but the stitching so far has such a nice feel.

The stitching I did this morning has, so far, been the best part of my day. Although, I just finished making a pot of curry soup, so I am looking forward to that. I love a good curry.

Sometimes when I am working with thread, the stitches tattooed across the surface of the fabric feel like an echo. Sometimes I feel a wordless communication in what I am doing as the elements with which I am working blend together. It is a conversation… the cloth asking, the thread answering.

I suppose it is my challenge to express what needs to be said, even if I, too, do not have the words to express it.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    Tattooed cloth, echoing and conversation. I love how you stated these concepts. Talking with animals is a talent not all people possess.
    As for leg cramps, the worst way to wake up! I would go for a glass of milk and my magnesium pills. Helps greatly!
    Love the resourceful duck enclosure, glad the hands are not wounded so much as to keep you from stitching.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      I have had some amazing interactions talking to the Spirit of animals. Maybe someday I will write about that.
      The leg is MUCH better, thanks! Yes, lots of magnesium helped.

  2. Happy Spring! May everything bloom in your heart and in your yard! Beautiful this communication without words…with the ducklings, with the cloth and thread. Everything talks to us is not it?
    I hope your leg is already good.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Happy Spring to you, although it is fall weather for you, I think?
      Yes, amazing this communication without words. I find it works really well!

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