Pillows…and peas…

Last night I was so tired, I went to bed at 7:30!

Of course, I didn’t stay there.

There were many trips up and back to get supplies for this…


Yes, a new project! I was inspired by Jude’s pillow and wanted to make one of my own. I had just seen her pillow project and watched the video when H and I were at Walmart and they had a huge bin of…travel pillows! I have an upcoming trip…another workshop for the field I have entered. Maybe I can get it finished in time to take it along.

I went upstairs and found this beautiful soft rayon fabric I’ve had for ages. I think in its past life it was a thrift store skirt. Anyway, I thought it would make a nice soft base for my pillow project.


The fabric is so pretty and luxurious, I almost left it like that! Instead, it turned into this:


And eventually this…

I know I use way to much color. The thing is, I don’t have a lot of plain fabrics. I have always gravitated towards color. I just hope the finished product looks nice. I’m anxious to wash it and see how all those different fabrics make friends. I’m also hoping more of that beautiful fabric underneath will peak through after a wash. We’ll see.

In this week’s chapter of the Duck Chronicles…TG&Y are almost fully feathered out.


That’s Yoyo at the bottom.

It appears my early assessment that I had two ducks (girls) and a drake (boy) were correct, which is funny because most people really seem to struggle with identifying what genders they’ve got. As it turns out, there are a number of clues to whether you’ve got a duck or a drake:

*Drakes will be a bit bigger than ducks, and Yoyo was always the biggest.

*At around 4 weeks their bills begin to change color. If you compare Yoyo’s bill with Gyrtie’s behind him you will see his bill is a greenish yellow, while hers is slate gray.

*Drakes don’t quack. It takes a while for ducks to develop their quack and when they do they can be quite loud. That’s usually at feed time or when I leave them and they are making the We’re all Alone!!! sound. At this stage, T&G still mostly sound like squeaky toys, but once in a while they can really get going…especially when there are Peas.


As it turns out, peas are like magic for ducks. While Khaki Campbells are typically skittish by nature, they lose all fear when peas are on the menu. This has worked out very well for transporting them from the duck house (formerly Chicky’s shed…poor Chicky) to their pen across the yard. I just throw a few peas on the ground, they dart all over gobbling them up like little fiends, and they follow me wherever I go. Much to my surprise and pleasure, I discovered yesterday I don’t really need the peas. They followed me around for a long time yesterday and when I sat quietly sipping my tea, they flopped down on the ground, as they do, gently grazing, then snoozing, and when I looked down they were right against my feet. Ah, so cute.


Peas and water…definitely their two favorite things!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I thing your pillow is very nice…the black fabric balances the colors,it looks very comfortable!
    I had no idea how to distinguish ducks and drakes! They are grown and always so sweet.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thanks! It’s actually some dark blue denim on the pillow, didn’t get any black onto this piece really. It is very soft and squishy. I’m cutting fringe here and there to make the strips softer.
      Yes, the ducks…perhaps a bit premature on my part to get them without knowing EVERY thing about them first, but you have to start somewhere!

  2. i love watching about the ducks. Will you make them a large swimming pond? I have never thought of ducks without thinking i would need to make them a POND???

    1. June Wildflower says:

      They have tubs for now. When it gets warmer I plan on getting them a baby pool. They are really quite happy with any amount of water, especially if they can dunk themselves in it a bit. Water makes them so happy.

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