A cold, dreary, inside day…

Last night I had a migraine. It was not fun. I hadn’t had one in a while. Today I’m having to keep a low profile and not do too much, as when I bend over or get going too much…pound…pound…pound.

I’m not sure what did it? I might have taken too many probiotics and had a die-off/healing crisis experience. Or, H suggested it could be the barometric pressure combined with allergies. I’m treating it as best I can. Thankfully, I got 9 solid hours of sleep. I really needed it.

The ducks are out in their pen, the cats are out too, while I have mainly been stitching.

There’s Noodle peeking in the front door…


I am really enjoying stitching on this pillow. I decided to tack down the edges I don’t want to ruffle, and I like how it looks. Stitching Noodle was really fun.


Maybe I should put some more black in those eyes…

Here’s a patch I started for the Pillow. I think it will go on a corner.


I really should name the Pillow. When she was little, my Aunt Sonna named her pillow. It had a satin pillow case and its name was Queenie.

And, just in case you thought I never finished anything, here’s Prairie Girl on Path…all done…







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  1. You are right,migraine is very unpleasant! My daughter used to have migraine often,so she did a homeopathic treatment for the liver and also made some changes in her diet. Now she is practically free of this problem…stress can also cause migraine.I hope you are well already!
    I loved both Noodles:what’s at the door,and the embroidered Noodle! I find difficult to get the right expression when embroidering faces,your embroidered Noodle looks great!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thanks, I was pleasantly surprised at how the embroidered Noodle turned out…kindof looks like her! I have not done many faces, so I need more practice. I like Jude’s beasts so much…so much character.
      The migraine was a surprise, as the more I work on my health the less I have them. I had not had one in a long while. I think the probiotic caused a die-off of candida or other bad bacteria and it was just too much to take. I am a big fan of milk thistle, though, as it really assists the liver. When I take that on a regular basis I don’t have allergy symptoms. I had run out of milk thistle, so that was probably a contributing factor. So glad your daughter is free of them…they are so miserable. Diet and natural remedies are the way to go for me, too!

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