The hawk, the cats, and the ducks…

Soooooo….I just about had a heart attack today.

I had been outside all day (about four hours) doing this…


I was super tired, ready to go inside for some tea to warm me up (it’s cold and rainy AGAIN!) and to do some stitching, writing, reading, relaxing…or whatever. I had been inside for maybe 20 minutes, had barely sipped my tea when the little girls wanted to go outside. Noodle had been a giant pain in the ass when I was working outside, so I had stuck her back inside. So now I really had to let her out. The ducks are only safe from the cat’s shenanigans if they are closed up in either the pen or the duck house, so I went out to put them in their pen.

Just as I stepped out onto the back steps a GIANT HAWK saw me, swooped down from a tree branch and flew away. That sucker had been on a perfect perch eyeballing my ducks…who were peacefully snuggled together at the edge of their pen. I nearly died!!!

I had really been keeping an eye out for hawks and signs of any other critters getting too close. One night I heard an owl very nearby, but no hawks. I guess the hawk had been watching us. Argh…

Now I know the extension on the pen is not adequate, at least not when I’m inside. They really are only safe inside an enclosure. I have more work to do.

As an example, this is what I’m dealing with every day as far as the cats vs. ducks…


You see, it is CONSTANT, and no amount of cajoling seems to quell the curiosity or the predatory instincts.

The extension was only temporary anyway and not ideal as far as what I wanted. But it did give me an idea of what I do need. This is turning out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. H has basically said “I told you so,” just not in those words. Hmph…

On a brighter note, we got to enjoy SUN yesterday…


It was really wonderful.

I also managed to get in a wee bit of stitching…


I have decided to name my little pillow project the Heart Pillow…


I may be stitching on a few more hearts…I could use the love right now.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh my God,what a scare! A hawk in the yard…and with bad intentions! In fact you have to be very careful, they are clever!
    Pour innocent ducklings ,glad they did not notice anything, and continue amuse themselves under the pensive gaze of Olive! This is the life…
    I loved the idea of hearts,perfectly complete the pillow! Sweet dreams…

    1. June Wildflower says:

      It is so peaceful to have them wandering around the yard, only there are so many predators! *sigh*

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