New life…

Olive seems very content with her new babies…


So far there are just two. I’m guessing she will have four total, but who knows? I was close to guessing the due date. I had expected them tomorrow.


These babies are gray! No clue who the daddy is, as my boys are darker.

Last night Shane made a startling discovery. Our cats like to climb on the roofs, including the duck house (formerly Chicky’s shed). He peaked out the window after dark because he thought he saw Weanie on the duck house roof. He looked again…uh, it wasn’t Weanie. He tapped on the window and the thing spread out its WINGS and took off. Definitely an owl…poor duckies. H said the owl was peaking in their window. That raspy bird of prey sound I’ve been hearing during the day? I’m thinking definitely an owl. H was aghast.

Whatever it was it had a six-foot wingspan! he said.

The ducks are doing much better again today with their separation anxiety. I was able to come in and throw together my lunch without them having a giant come-apart. They are currently in their pen, which I moved to a new spot.

I’m going to make some more trellises today. I want them to have plenty of shelters to dart under if they need to. Once the plants growing on them get started I can take off the barricades at the bottom. I may just start leaving one gap open so they can run in, kind of like I did here, but in a whole trellis.


I really admire people like Cecilia who handle large farms. I am managing 3 ducks, 6 (make that 8!) cats and a garden and it is kicking my butt. Luckily, I have more energy today than I did the past couple of days. I was able to get some digging done, but there is much more I want to do. I have a lot to plant.

I am very excited about these new additions, as well…

The box of seedlings left/front are from seeds I saved from last year’s tomatoes! I was so happy to see them sprouting, as it had been a while since I saved seeds. The ones in the back box are from Seed Savers Exchange. There is one more package of seeds I would like to get from them that no one else seems to have: borage. But, first things first…P.S. I believe they are offering FREE shipping this month!

A new heart started on the Heart Pillow…


Now, off to let the duckies loose and dig some more ground!






6 Comments Add yours

  1. How many new, beautiful and fun things are happening around! And the kittens…what a good thing to have puppies at home!The seeds sprouting ,the yard will look beautiful! These things give work, but renew the energy, enjoy!!!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Kittens really are so much fun…YES renewed energy!!

  2. Peggy McG says:

    Congrats!! Kittens!! I peeked in quick yesterday and was surprised by the anouncement of both gals expecting, and today, babes. Sweeeeeet!
    I so admire all you accomplish, and appreciate the stories and the pics. Scary how big owls can be!

    1. Peggy McG says:

      Ps Announcement–I know how to spell, and i type very well, but this hen and pecking on the phone keyboard sucks, guess i need to preview.

      1. June Wildflower says:

        Oh, funny, I didn’t even notice! But I hear you on the phone typing…I actually loath it!

    2. June Wildflower says:

      So glad you stopped by. Yes, kittens. It was unavoidable, but still a joy…
      So funny you mention what I accomplish. I told H last night I am worn out by the end of the day and still feel I didn’t get enough done!

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