Another repeat day…

It’s cold and rainy…again…

Lucky for me the ducks are doing better with their separation anxiety, so I have managed to be inside most of the day without too much noise from them.

I made rissoles for the second time today. Here is the first batch…


They are pretty good. H and I nearly demolished that entire plate above in one sitting. We were eating and H’s comments were kind of like this…mmmmm….these are good….what did you call these? cannoles?…(me) rissoles, from The Kitchen’s Garden blog…mmmmmm….I really like them….mmmm….I could eat that whole plate….mmmmmm….what did you call them? pirogies?…No, rissoles!

Looking at the recipe again I realize I forgot to roll them in flour today. They still turned out just fine, although a little goopy. The potatoes were really glutinous for some reason, perhaps because they are late season and sprouting.

Anyway, I needed something different to eat as I’ve been on a pretty basic diet for a couple weeks now, I think. My diet basically consists of vegetables cooked or raw, a bit of fruit, rice, potatoes, oatmeal for breakfast and meat one time or less per day. Pretty skimpy, but I am losing weight and feeling better.

Yesterday I cheated. It was shopping day and I was SO hungry. I decided to stop at Arby’s and had a turkey sandwich and curly fries. The sandwich isn’t such a bad choice, but on the way home I felt this feeling come over me and I realized that was the way I used to feel every day…just a basic kind of bad all over. It made me realize how much better I feel on my new but very basic diet. I have also had to cut out nuts completely, which is a bummer, because they were making some things worse. It took cutting them out of my diet to realize it.

I’m also cheating with a bit of 70% dark chocolate, but I figure that’s my reward for doing the shopping yesterday, which I had been dreading.

The giant doily I began is on hold while I work up the determination to rip out the last bit I worked, which is a major bit, and I don’t want to do it. But, if I don’t do it the doily will be really lop-sided because the new yarn is worsted, but a smaller weight and won’t match the existing yarn. Ugh.

Instead, I started a new project…of course…

pink start


I want to add a third element and am thinking about this…


My feet are cold because, as I mentioned, it’s cold and raining…again. I’m going to go put some socks on and then I’m going to sit down and stitch for as long as my life (meaning the cats and the ducks and H) will let me!

Enjoy your weekend.





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