I’m in love…

with the giant Peacock doily. Here it is last night when I hung it up…



And in the morning light…



I think it’s the most beautiful pattern of any I’ve made so far. Just gorgeous. I might make another for the left. That’s usually where I hang them.

The mail carrier was just by…she loves it, too!

I spent a while working on it yesterday even though I had loads of stuff to do outside. I did it because I wanted to. I really wanted a new doily for the front. Even though I didn’t really have time for it, I did it because it made me happy.

It can also be challenging to stop and start a crochet project, although I do it all the time. Any more, though, I really try to push through and get it done. It’s so easy to lose your place in both your project and the pattern. Much better to keep chugging along until it’s done.

I have carved out a huge chunk of work for myself with the garden, cats and ducks. It always amazes me how hard it is to get a garden in, this year especially since I am doing more. And adding the ducks has pushed my daily chores to a new level.

I can’t help but feel it is especially difficult when you live in town. Even in a small town like this where it’s ok for your dog to bark it’s head off…fireworks can be shot in town for days around the 4th of July…you can operate a mechanic’s garage out of your house despite your neighbor’s complaints…and you can drive big trucks with glass packs (=horrendous noise), golf carts and even tanks down the street and that’s all ok. None of the neighbors have said anything about the noise the ducks make…really it’s Turtle who is the loud mouth. But I can already tell they are making a big deal about it with the suggestive looks. Not to mention, my weirdo neighbor to the north was actually peeping through the fence yesterday. He took off when my cat noticed him and I noticed her reaction and then saw him skulking off. Some days I really loathe the behavior of the people I’m surrounded by.

Ok, so that’s my rant for the day. I’m trying to get nearly everything done today so I can breeze through the next two as I leave town for a week on Friday.






5 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    What a statement the doily makes!! Very impressive, If i were your neighbor i would think you are most impressive yourself, all that you do. Thanks for the recipe, now i need to make mashed potatoes to use leftovers!!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Oh, thanks. I do have one request to make one for a neighbor’s friend. I really enjoy them a lot.
      You will love the rissoles. I never have parsley on hand, but used cilantro instead. 😉

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