What a day…

I slept about ten hours, woke up and hit the ground running this morning. Finally I have a chance to write.

Sunday was mainly a recoup day, as I got back from LA Saturday night. At one point it appeared I would be stuck in LA as Las Vegas airport where I was connecting was shut down due to high winds….yes, shut down! A big chunk of the town was without power.

The flight was delayed over an hour, and looked like it could go on for some time. This is where working with your Spirit comes in handy. I told my Spirit this would not work, that my intent was for the flight to continue, and get home safely as planned.

Very quickly after setting my intent we continued with the flight, boarding after the initial one hour delay and that was the only issue I had with the whole flight! A very good result. Thank you, Spirit.

On the flight out it was very interesting because I could look down and see the actual path I had walked to Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey and Fisherman’s Wharf…right about here…

pdr flowers

One thing about LA, there are flowers blooming everywhere! This shot is looking back at Marina del Rey. I could actually hear seals barking further out towards the sea, although I couldn’t see them. About the only wildlife I saw were pelicans drifting slowly over the water.

This was Friday night and the first chance I’d had to get to a beach. About 2 miles further up was Marina del Rey.


Fisherman’s Wharf was recommended, although I didn’t find much of interest there. I Ubered (Is that a word? In case you don’t know, Uber is a car service) to Venice Beach and that was my favorite beach experience.

Mexican food at Fisherman’s Wharf had also been recommended, but the light bulb went off and I realized if I was on the coast I should have some fish n chips! And, so, I did…


…at this Venice Beach restaurant…The Wee Chippy…


See that silver bit? That’s the door the employees use to get in and out of there! It only held two people in that tiny square of real estate.

Here’s the view to the beach.


This was probably the best fish n chips I’ve had in the States, at least in a long time. I took my meal and sat eating perched on a section of cement at a very active skate park. Skaters were whizzing by on one side of me while ocean waves were crashing a bit farther down the beach on the other side. I wolfed down the fish first, then munched on fries. To be honest, it was mostly fries, but still really good.

I had been toting the last of my fries for a while, not wanting to throw them away. LA has a huge homeless problem and I felt I could find someone to share them with. After about 20 minutes in which I was totally intoxicated by the sea air and the sound of the waves and not moving a muscle, I noticed a very industrious homeless man on a blanket not far from me. He was very busy doing something…he could have been tripping on drugs for all I knew, so I walked just close enough to see.

Beside him was a big cereal bowl-sized pile of cigarette butts. He was emptying the last of the tobacco out and using that to roll his own cigarettes! That is quite a lot of work for a smoke.

He made eye contact and we said hello. Fries in hand, I asked him, “would you like some fries?” His response was immediate: “Oh my gosh! YES!” He smiled big and I handed him my leftovers, saying I was really glad to find someone who wanted them as they were really good and I didn’t want them to go to waste. I couldn’t quite make out his reply at first, but as I walked away what he said sunk in…

“Oh, someone would have gotten them. Everyone’s always checking the trash cans!”

Wow. Looking back, I did remember a homeless-looking person eyeballing me, watching to see if I would throw away the remnants of my dinner. Either way, I’m glad someone got to enjoy them.

Saturday morning I had some time before my flight, so I went to Manhattan Beach. Here I got to see more surfers and walked along this pier…




California is a whole other world.



Interesting, because I very easily could have grown up here. Before I was born, my parents lived in San Diego. Amazing to think how different my life could have been.

It was great to get out and do some things, even if it was in snippets. Usually these workshops are so busy, and I’m so tired at the end of a day I just fall asleep.

I did take the Heart Pillow with me so I would have something to work on, but I hardly had any time to stitch. It did look pretty sitting in my room, reminding me of home…


I came home to this…all kittens in one box…


Adorable, although it turned out to be a problem and mommies with their appropriate kitties are now separated. I will talk a bit more about that tomorrow.

I hope you all had a wonderful week.








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