Thread beans and Olive’s dilemma…

Re-entry into my regular life yesterday was challenging. There was a lot to catch up on.

The situation with the cats has been resolved. It seems Noodle was taking her job as mommy a bit too seriously by deciding it was her job to take care of hers as well as Olive’s babies. Olive, sweet thing, had withdrawn and was obviously hostile towards Noodle. No surprise there. Give me my babies back!

Because they only have two kittens each they constantly have plenty of milk to go around. Since Olive was unable to continue nursing with Noodle taking over, her nipples dried out and her milk built up until it was so painful she was unable to nurse, even when I separated the moms and left her alone with her own babies.

At first I thought she had mastitis, but she was just so full it was painful to feed and she was very miserable. I gently applied a warm compress to the area for about 10 minutes and soon afterwards she was able to nurse. A very happy ending for all concerned!

Today Olive is her usual happy self, and I am much relieved.

As for Noodle’s babies…they are doing fine in the hallway/landing area upstairs. And Olive has the luxury of a large private room. Molly (which I have named Noodle’s girl) is so fat she looks like a gerbil…or maybe a large hamster.


These are obviously Bully’s babies. Looks like they will be long-haired, as well. Bully hangs out around our house most of the time. He is much more tame than before and will tolerate me near him much of the time. He hisses if I get too close. Feeding him made things much easier here than trying to only feed our cats indoors while chasing him off. I do like seeing him around. It makes me feel good. Here’s a pic of him crossing the street earlier.


Noodle’s boy (yet to be named) has his stripes.

Today was a much easier day. I’ve even fitted in some time to watch shows and some stitching. I watered first thing and only did a bit of cleaning. The ducks are doing very nicely on their own. Many of the seeds I’ve planted are coming up and the seedlings are looking great.

I realized I did have a bit of stitching to share, on the Heart Pillow, like the thread beans. Yes, thread beans, not so much beads, ala Jude. To me, they resemble the beans on the end of a duck’s bill.



This is a great way to use up the end of a thread I’ve been stitching with. And, I like the color and quirky look they add.

In California I did manage a tiny heart star…another stab at recreating Jude’s wishing star.


And filling-in work continues…


Now, back to my show!







3 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    So glad you are back and Knew how to help Olive! The pillow just gets better and better! Stitching for one’s self is so necessary. I am helping a friend make cushions for benches she makes out of old bed frames. Not as fun.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Cushions…at least you get to go in straight lines? Thanks, I am really liking the pillow 🙂

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