A rainy May day…

I was away from home 8 days and in that time the ducks turned more white…


It was very surprising. H said he went to check on them one day and overnight it seemed they had turned whiter. He was worried they were sick or something…on his watch…haha. (Check out those beans! )

It’s been raining for the past 4 hours. I was able to get some photos of the garden and change the duck’s water before it started coming down too heavily.

The honeysuckle smells divine and has largely taken over the young mulberry tree and thorny bush growing next to it.



I’m happy to see the wisteria survived it’s main branch being chopped last year by the neighbor.



Here’s another gem I let grow in the yard, just to see what it would look like…


The plant is about 3 feet tall now. I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed bugs like that before, but there they are. Those little blooms resemble asters and are about the same size.

Since H is under orders not to mow the back, I’ve got a nice patch of grass growing. H wants to chop it down. He says mosquitoes are hiding in there.


I like the look of it, and the feel of the seed heads under my hand. This morning Olive and Noodle were playing leap frog in there…


That’s a new petunia I bought at the Kansas Sampler in Winfield this weekend. I got a red begonia, too, but it’s up front.

If it’s not raining tomorrow I hope to get some more things planted and started.

After all, it is…




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