Not in full bloom…

The duckies have a new pool…


They are in it almost constantly. Of course they scarpered when I came out to photograph them! The blue pool was getting a bit ridiculous as they had outgrown it and were swimming in circles, like one of those carnival games at the fair. Thank you H! He got a good deal on it, found it on sale.

The rain has brought out some more beauty in this large sunflower seed head…


I love the whispery, papery texture. I’m glad I let them grow. H calls them “weeds.”


Another look at that large plant with the tiny aster-sized flowers…


No bugs on it today. Perhaps the rain washed them away?

My seedlings are looking nice, except that two of them were obliterated during the night, a yellow pear and brandy wine eaten right town to the stalks and cotyledons.


I don’t mind so much about the brandy wine as I have lots of them. But I only have a couple of yellow pear.

I searched but could not find the culprit. They were kept in the duck house during the rains, so I am hoping TG&Y ate the guilty parties. Also hoping for no more plant casualties. I might spray them later with some non-toxic bug repellant.

On the stitching front, today has been a nice day for it. I’m not feeling too inspired to go and DO more, so stitching it is. More fill work completed on the moth. I think it looks more finished now and not so busy…


Words were added to the Word Cloth yesterday…


And this heart’s not yet in full bloom…


I feel like that today.













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  1. Peggy McG says:

    I have not been able to post or read past comments since my phone did an upgrade after you left for CA So if this comes thru
    welcome back Love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures
    If i dont comment know i am subscribed and get a message when you post and always read😀

  2. Peggy McG says:

    Testing Comments

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