Little things…

Olive’s kitties…


Twobie’s eyes look familiar…like Chicky’s. H may be right. Archie is funny…and kindof a whiner.

This is the first time I had the door open in a week. Noodle ran in to say hello to her “other” kitties. And then she tried to poop in their tiny litter box…


She AND Olive are driving me crazy. Noodle is a pest and Olive is going through some kind of weird separation anxiety from me, wanting me to hold her constantly. Sorry, not gonna happen. I’m officially tired of having so many animals in the house. A couple more weeks and these kittens will be gone, hopefully adopted out from a local shelter. I’m full up for cats.

Some doodles…


And more stitching…


I like this theme of the heart with petals. I may do some more.

This morning the ducks had a slug and bug fest. I found LOTS hiding under some boards I’m using to keep the ducks off my sweet potato mound. Like most things, the ducks are happier – and quieter – when their stomachs are full.

Whatever was eating my tomato seedlings I don’t think it liked the spray I used on them yesterday…YAY! There were one or two new nibbles and that was about it.

We have sun today after rain all day yesterday. I really should go plant things, but I’d much rather stitch. Trying to find a balance so I don’t get burned out with either.

More little things…







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