Sometimes you just have to jump for joy…

yoyo jump

It’s so funny when they do this. Yoyo really cracked me up this morning. He is so comical when he tries to fly. They all jump in the water, then they get so excited they have to jump out and FLY. You can tell they do it for fun, for the joy of it. Even in their little pool, they still have a good time. I think I mentioned how they’ve gotten so big now that when all three of them are in there it looks like one of those games at the carnival…


The water in their big pool was looking yucky…not too bad, but still. They weren’t in there much so maybe it was turning funky. Anyway, I hauled it all out and refilled it. There were many many trips of this…


I like to do this barefoot. It’s so much easier, as my shoes get really hot. This way I can feel the ground. All the garden plants got duck water, but the bulk of it went on the tomato beds where it is now time to get in those seedlings.

H and I just emptied and refilled the big pool Saturday and distributed the water. But things dry out so quickly here. We get lots of rain – it floods at least twice each year – but the wind wicks everything dry in a day. Still, things are looking pretty good.

I have clover blooming that wouldn’t be there if H had mowed…



I’m going to use some blossoms to make a tisane.

That plant with the little aster-type flowers is now about 4 foot tall.


I love those petite blooms, like miniature daisies.

We were busy this weekend. H, his mom and I attended a balloon festival an hour away…


You might find it hard to believe, but this windsock was about the size of a bus when it was on the ground…



H took his mom for a wild ride…


She loved it!

Unfortunately, it was too windy to fire up the big balloons, the ones with baskets you can ride in. But this was still a fun outing.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. H took me to brunch in Wichita at the Hyatt. It was really nice. I was told “Happy Mother’s Day” several times. When people ask if we have kids I generally tell them “just furry ones.” A few weeks back something interesting occurred to me. In the middle of taking care of the ducks, all the cats plus helping Noodle and Olive with their babies…I realized it was the first time in my life I actually felt like a mom. It was a nice feeling. I’ve taken care of loads of animals in my life, but for whatever reason, had never really felt like a mom until then. So, at brunch yesterday, I felt oddly at home with the other moms there being treated to a very nice meal.

I have yet to call my own mother.

I have one of those moms who really wasn’t a mom, who still isn’t a mom. I was one of those kids who had to be a mom to herself. It wasn’t easy. Now that I’m older, I’ve grown tired of cow-towing to my own mother. I’ve grown really tired of her. She is difficult to be around, so I don’t visit much, either.

People talk a lot about moving on when family members don’t add anything to your life. I’m pretty much there.

My childhood was a big reason why I didn’t want to have children. I didn’t want to pass on any of the bad stuff. And life was enough of a challenge just taking care of myself I didn’t think I would be very good at the parenting thing. Sometimes when I’m out in public and see moms with their new babies I feel envious. This didn’t start happening to me until just a couple years ago. But I also realize how challenging parenting can be and watching all the trials even good parents go through I still don’t know if I would want that experience.

It’s ok because H and I have a really good time together.

















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