Moment of truth…

I want to get better, at a lot of things.

Organizing my sewing room in a more user-friendly way is just one of them.

Here is the state of it at the moment…


I’m not proud of it…


In fact, I’m pretty overwhelmed by it…


I’ve had sewing rooms that were in this kind of state before…


Usually I took periods of downtime to organize them, tidy the bits of pieces and really turn things around so I actually looked quasi-professional and able to create…


Over the past two and a half years that we’ve lived here I’ve never had this room looking good. Instead, I have jumped from project to project, not finishing most of them, while carting things downstairs to work on. Other than its current use as a jumbled storage space, I really haven’t done much with this room. And, I’m finding it really hard to decide where to begin and how, exactly to store my fabrics so I can see them, get to them and use them.

I do like creating here, though. I spent some time up here (this room is on the second floor) last night and this morning. It was quite peaceful, and I realized how much I enjoy having a room where I can close the door and keep the cats out.

Last night I sat down on the floor, feeling the urge to create. I grabbed a large bag filled with fabric, stuff I had collected from my bedroom and, yes, thrown up here to get it out of the way. Without even thinking, just enjoying the look and feel of the cloth, I grabbed some walnut-dyed blue and coral pink strips that didn’t make it into the Heart Pillow. I began weaving, ala Jude.


I sat there on the floor with my back aching and stitched it together. Not nine. I don’t know how many. But weave. My hands did it instantly, without thought. I like these colors together. Except for two pieces I used the wrong side of the coral, which is a linen/silk blend. I felt if I had done it mostly like this…


…then it would have become about that lovely print. I was going for something more subtle, more Jude, I guess.

I already know how I want to use this piece. This is the start of a robe like one of Jude’s robes. I want to put it across the back, across the shoulders, then build from there. I even have a shirt I want to use as a base, one of H’s old, thin, very large shirts. But, I can’t find it. I think I know where it is, but I looked this morning for a while and was unable to locate it. I will keep looking in a bit. But, you see my dilemma…finding things in my cluttered mess of a sewing room is a challenge. *sigh*

I did finish going through the big bag of fabric and another basket that had caught scraps and other things. I sorted the contents into piles…big, undyed fabrics, dyed fabrics, undyed scraps, super small scraps, tough strips to use for garden ties and hopefully soften them up over summer, laces and leftover strips.

I know I need to be in the sewing room in order to create. I like sewing on the couch, but then that mountain of sewing stuff develops and I don’t have easy access to all the supplies in my sewing room. I’m going to endeavor to save the couch for small sewing projects and leave the bulk of my activities for upstairs.

Going through the fabrics, I was reminded of how many fantastic finds I’ve found at the local thrift store…for next to nothing, like this scrumptious soft cotton pillowcase.


I haven’t been to the thrift store in a while because I am very aware of the need to use up what I have rather than continue pack ratting.

I started a new piece while upstairs. I realize it is very Grace-esque.


I love Grace’s style and how it works so beautifully for her. I love Jude’s style, but I am so not there yet. I have found when starting new pieces I tend to get mired in the details. I am wanting to work more loosely, put pieces together more quickly. This continues to be another thing I want to get better at…finding my own voice in cloth.










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  1. this
    oh, this, makes me just all soft and smiling….
    i don’t have nearly this much stuff anymore, haven’t for years, maybe never
    did, but it’s exactly what things FEEL like to me this morning as i am poking through the stuff i do have, asking. Do i take it? Why? or why NOT?
    A while back i found the best way for me to keep access to cloth is to
    roll it, tie it, like a burrito and stack it on two metal utility shelves against
    the wall of the oh so tiny bedroom i have. These are larger pieces, mostly
    thrift shop clothing. I’ll see if i can overcome my embarrassment of how it
    is right now and take a pic…put it on the blog for you. Even smaller pieces
    work well this way. Of course then all the really little fragments are in the
    baskets which there are a ton of. Not ready to take any pics of that yet. Too
    all the Notions….have always loved that term, notions, am bagging them up
    for the thrift shop and will take them on a day they aren’t open, leave them
    on their doorstep so i don’t have to explain anything…along with the beloved
    Viking Sewing Machine that needs work….the first thing i ever bought on credit.
    Time to let it go.
    Thanks for saying you like what i make. It’s been 8 years learning from Jude
    and i had the Great Fortune of her online classes…it takes time to let Cloth find its way with you…i am just getting somewhere with this very recently.
    Love to you and your Room

    1. June Wildflower says:

      So glad I found these comments! Hiding in a SPAM folder for some unknown reason…a folder I didn’t even know was there, along with some other comments! I went ahead and approved both of them, I hope that’s ok.
      Wow, 8 years of work…that makes sense, that it takes time to develop this. I keep hoping one day it will just CLICK for me, like I saw how it suddenly came together for Hazel. But then I don’t have a background in drawing and I think that makes a difference. Still, I began sewing at age 3 so that has to count for something!
      Thank you for sharing the storage tip…I had actually begun considering the burrito technique after reading something on Jude’s blog about that. Rolling fabrics up like we used to do remnants at the fabric store…I think it would work for me, too. I have a small bookshelf that might work. Also thinking of getting some more bins.
      What you see in that sewing room is more than two decade’s worth of gathering. I worked at Hancock Fabrics after college and still have fabric from then, for several years I did crazy quilting, then I taught myself to needle tat, then I was belly dancing and made about 85% of my costumes, then for the past 4 years I’ve crocheted, now story cloth pursuits and dyeing supplies…it has all really added up. Over these years I have also gotten rid of things at times, but often I regretted it! I think about moving, too, how it is probably on the horizon for me soon…and what will I do with all of this? I really want to use it up and move it on, hopefully create some things that are saleable and send them on their way. I feel like I can DO this…so I keep trying. 🙂
      I love what you say here…”it takes time to let Cloth find its way with you”…so true.

  2. left a looooong comment…???? will check again later to see if
    it connected…

    1. June Wildflower says:

      bummer…I don’t see it here 😦

  3. well…what i said was….how it made me SMILE to see this post and then also broke a little Spell here for me. All this stuff you have….how i have so little stuff anymore, but looking at your pics, it’s how it FEELS …my stuff, just like
    these pics. So i looked at your stuff a while and then worked on mine. LOTS
    for the thrift shop….ready to load into the truck.
    and i DID take a pic of the metal utility shelf in the bedroom…there’s two, that
    i’ll put on the blog for you tonight. Normally, not now, cause i’m packing stuff,
    Normally it’s full with cloth, mostly thrift shop clothing, that i roll. tie. like
    burritos. and stack on those shelves so i can see each one, it’s little rolled
    butt. This has worked the best of anything i’d ever tried. and then, of
    course, the really small scraps and the stuff i love and need to touch a lot,
    they are in baskets. But you’ve seen those on the blog.
    Thank you for liking what i make and i remind that it’s been 8 years of watching Jude, all the online classes she did, it all clicks at some point. And for me,
    really, it’s just very recently that i feel like i am getting somewhere that i want to “stay”.
    there was something else, but i’ll think of it later…
    Still Smiling….

    1. June Wildflower says:

      I think about selling some of the yarn I’ve collected over the years, but honestly, it is hard for me to part with it because I think down the road I’ll be looking for a crochet project and regret giving away that yarn. I should just try it and see how it goes. I’m sure there is some I could say goodbye to. Maybe some I can turn into saleable gifts…I like the idea of that better, so I get the fun of creating something, too.
      I often feel like I missed out by not being around for Jude’s classes. Funny thing is, I remember watching one of her videos back when I was really into crazy quilting…about 8 years ago, but it was so different from what I was doing at the time that I didn’t end up following her work. I have read lots on her Feel Free section and watched many videos. Last night when I threw together that weaving, it was so automatic and for the first time I felt like I really had learned something from Jude. Until then it had mostly felt like I wasn’t absorbing anything, like she was speaking another language and I couldn’t comprehend anything.
      I put together another weaved piece today that I really like. I will just keep going, doing things for fun and see where that leads me. Loved hearing from you today. Sorry for the trouble posting…hopefully that’s fixed now.

  4. wha…just re wrote it and the second one’s not here. i guess it might be
    longer ones????

  5. anyway…will put a pic for you on the blog this eve

  6. on two of them it says comment is awaiting moderation…?????

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Ok, I have approved all the ones from you that I see. Not sure what is going on ! Weird! So sorry about that!

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