The first burrito…

This is the first burrito…


A child’s dress of stretch velour that I bought at a thrift store years ago and intended to turn into a belly dance choli (top), but I never got there. Today it became the first burrito in a long line of burritos…


If you read yesterday’s post… “Moment of truth…” then you’ll understand my sewing room dilemma, how I have been overwhelmed with the mass of materials there. In the comment section you can read my discussion with Grace about what to do with so much, how to store it, keep or throw it.

I hadn’t really planned to reveal my dirty laundry the way I did yesterday. I just did it. I guess I was fed up enough with it that I knew I had to air it if things were going to change. And things did change. I went upstairs this morning, drank tea and played with the kitties for a bit, then decided to finish my tea in the sewing room and see what I could find to do. I sat down and realized it was a great time to begin rolling fabric burritos.

I gathered all the loose and/or folded stacks of fabrics, all undyed, and began rolling. I had a sack of miscellaneous items from the thrift store full of ribbons and lace I used to tie it all up, which was also serendipitous because I had been wondering what to do with all that ribbon!

I probably rolled for over an hour. It was very peaceful, fun to touch all the fabrics and remind myself of the wide variety of cloths I now have to choose from. The process of rolling this fabric was really quite amazing. The more I rolled, the more a sense of absolute relief rolled over me! When I stood up and looked at my stack of burritos the whole room felt different, like the air had cleared, like just doing this little bit improved the whole space around me and tidied it up instantly. I finally felt like I could go forward and get a handle on the messy sewing room, just by wrapping up the fabric in this manner. I can now SEE what I have and CHOOSE what I want to work with, rather than having it all under foot and nose constantly.

The next step is to clear out the bookshelf and see how much I can get in there. I will also consider getting a metal shelf like Grace has, although my ceilings are low I’ll have to measure carefully to see what will work.

I am doubly glad I shared my mess because it, in turn, inspired Grace to tackle some cluttered areas in her own home as she is facing a big move and needed to de-stash. Knowing this makes me very, very happy!

The icing on the cake was in the process of rolling burritos, I found H’s shirt, the one I want to use as a base for a robe! It was right on top of a basket I had actually looked through yesterday when searching for it, if you can believe that, albeit covered by one shirt so I couldn’t see it! Here it is…


And here’s the woven patch that will be the first embellishment…


Yesterday I put together another very pretty woven piece. I started by machine sewing the strips to a base. It made the weaving process much faster.


When I was done weaving, I went ahead and machine stitched the edges. It went by so fast. Later I will hand baste the center.




I also spent a little time working on this new cloth. So far I really like it…


Thanks, again, to Grace for helping me get moving!



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