Gardening day…

Today was primarily a gardening day. I estimate I have spent at least six hours, probably more, bent over digging holes and planting tomatoes. I’m wiped out.


The task was prolonged by the ducks, of course, who had their heads buried in every hole searching for worms, slugs, grubs and bugs. Earthworms and slugs are their favorites, but the others will do, too. They also managed to clip off one of my tomato plants…grrrrr….a Brandywine, I think. Hopefully it will make a come-back.

I haven’t marked the tomatoes. I know basically where I’ve clumped the different kinds together. This year I’m growing (fingers crossed!) Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Yellow Pear, Soldacki, and Ukranian Purple. (The last two are from Seed Savers Exchange.) I can’t wait. I’m also growing tomatoes from seeds I dubbed “Brandywine cherry” because they came from what I think are Brandywines that turned out the size of large cherry tomatoes. They grew from very old seed, some I saved back in 2009, I think, so maybe that had something to do with it.

For ages Cherokee Purple have been my favorites, but last year’s Brandywines were so, so good. I’m anxious for all of them. Each year I do try to grow some cherry tomatoes as they grow and ripen fast so you get to enjoy garden tomatoes pretty quickly. It will be interesting to see how they all turn out.

While rolling burritos yesterday (see yesterday’s post) I came across this tablecloth, another thrift store find.


I liked it so much I decided to use it. I had originally slated it as a fabric source, as it’s that nice old soft cotton.


H kept admiring it. At one point he said, “Why do I love this tablecloth so much?” I do, too.

Twobie and Archie are now very much up and about and exploring the house. They did that for a while, but then decided this was where they wanted to be…


Go figure. It looks innocent enough, but Archie is a toe biter! Ouch!

Here’s Weanie’s face when she saw the living room was being invaded by munchkins…



Molly and Buzz are still too little (and too fat!) to be wandering very far…


They really are pretty hilarious looking.

I had chosen the name “Molly” and was searching for  “B” name for the boy, since Bully is their dad’s name, when H happened to mention when he was a kid they had two chickens, Molly and Buzz. There you go.

For a while yesterday Noodle’s box was the place to be.





Stop cleaning me, mom!



Taking time to play with the kittens is like stopping to smell the roses…an opportunity that is fleeting and shouldn’t be missed.


Have a wonderful weekend!












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