It’s a cloudy cool day.

I like these days. It’s easier to get things in the ground and work outside without the heat bearing down on me.

So far I got the last 3 tomato spaces filled in the back, plus coverings. It’s not very attractive, but it certainly is pragmatic.


The netting on top looks dorky, I know. In the past I’ve used tulle to completely cover my starters, wrapping it around the cages, stapling it into place and tying a big loose knot on top. I’ve never lost a plant to hail, and the grasshoppers and other munching bugs don’t generally get past it, either. But all my old tulle is either gone or misplaced and acquiring new tulle means a trip to the fabric store. I decided to just use what I have. We’ll see how it goes.


Of course I skipped most of this last year. The cages were sufficient to keep the cats away, but this year the fabric barrier is a must due to the ducks. So far they nipped off three of my tomatoes. Hopefully the plants will come back.

I have 11 more tomato starts to get in the ground. These will have to go on the south side, in the space between houses. The yellow pear grew like gangbusters in a spot there last year. Hopefully this year will be a repeat of that.

The cardboard isn’t attractive, either, but it really helps with the grass. There wasn’t much grass growing anyway since I’ve built up these beds with lots of leaves and compost. But the cardboard will also serve as a more solid foot path. If all these tomato plants mature, by the middle of summer you won’t be able to see anything but green.

Twobie and Archie have been adventuring outdoors the past few days. We were really worried about them the first day they were out, but they were safe and sound, in here…


I just couldn’t see them because there was a towel hanging over the opening, leftover from cooler days. This is Chicky’s house, which he doesn’t really use much. Poor Chicky…booted out of another house. haha. That’s ok, as I think these might be his kids anyway. That’s what he gets.

Shane’s boss wants a kitten. We’re trying to convince him he needs two.


It really does make a lot of sense to have two. They keep each other entertained. They bite each other instead of you. Two are a bit more of an expense, but worth it in my opinion.

This past week, Yoyo’s head has begun turning green.


It is really interesting to watch the transformations as the ducks mature.

Most everyone was out back while I worked. Buggar was there, wanting to play but also keeping an eye on things…


Here she is scowling at the ducks. She could really do without them…


The weekend was super busy. H and I had a good time in Wichita, doing a bit of shopping. We also tried a new Japanese restaurant, Yokohama Ramen Joint in DeLano. Boy was it good. They best calamari and kimchi I’ve ever had. I’m not even big on Asian food, but there you go.

Some crochet projects are in the works. I put together some fabric yarn squares which I want to arrange for a porch hanging. I’ll take photos later. And I’ve started another giant peacock doily for the neighbor. He wants to give it to a friend.

The other night I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep for a while. I realized I was feeling stressed, like my heart was buttoned up. And, I felt like stitching. This is what came out…


I might work on that flower some more.

Speaking of flowers, I am SO enjoying these petunias…



I hope the week is treating you well.


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