The things people do…

Just when you are feeling all indignant and justified, people go and do things like this…


The leaf blower mowed our overgrown lawn!

I was taking a nap at the time. I’ve been SO tired lately…that’s probably contributing to the grumpies. H has kept me up late watching The West Wing on Netflix, and it has really thrown me off my quasi-schedule. I say “quasi” because I don’t totally have set times for anything. But I had gotten in a fairly good routine of going to bed between 9-10:30 p.m. or so and waking between 7 and 9 a.m. Last night I cooked us a snack just before midnight. 😦

I really am trying to let the ducks out by 8 a.m. or at least before 9. They are much quieter and content if I do. The cats also get discombobulated if I don’t appear in my regular time zone, food in hand. This morning I woke up right before 10! Poor duckies. Turtle had gotten stuck between the wall and some straw…not sure how that happened. Bully was coming over the back fence (where he’s technically not allowed) in search of food. The indoor cats were itching to get outside. Chicky was waiting….you get the picture.

All I really felt like doing today was crocheting. I ended up ripping out the work I had done so far on the peacock doily…


Too much black. I wanted the black to be an accent color, not the main attraction. So, I began again…


The boysenberry color is really nice. But so much black was making it look too maroon to me. This is not for me, so I’m trying to make it as close to the original as possible, although I’m only working with two colors here.

Back to the topic of neighbors…

H was out working on the van lights last night, polishing them because the covers have gotten so cloudy over time. He went to the auto parts store and got an actual kit that was on sale so came home, hooked the scrubbers up on the drill and began working. The neighbor, who did this same job on his older car last year, stopped him and asked if he had any masking tape to protect the paint? H said no. (Of course we have masking tape!) So, the neighbor, who I’ve begun nicknaming the lurker because of his staring, peering through the fence, going up on ladders to look in our yard and other manner of creepy behavior…told him STOP. DON’T DO ANYTHING UNTIL I GET BACK. YOU’LL HURT YOUR CAR. Then he went in his house and got H some tape…


Work in progress.

H and I have been of the opinion that we are surrounded by weird-os. But I know all these people think we’re weird. I mean…who on earth likes cats that much!!??

I really need to get outside and do a few minimal things. In the meantime, here are a couple of begonia shots…



One last note, I am talking to H about getting a trailer hitch for the van so we can get a camper and take some trips. I had a dream last night where we were talking and I told him all I really want to do is travel. It’s true. I’ve actually wanted to do this for the past 10+ years. We have both discussed it for the past 10+ years. It’s why we designed our online business the way we did, so we could work it from the road, from anywhere that had an Internet connection. If we get a small camper now we can at least try it on for size and see if it’s a good fit.

I feel like things are maybe beginning to move…in the right direction.

Hopefully in the direction of Argentina.











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