It’s sunny and warm…

Wow, some days it’s hard to think of a title. So, there you go. It’s sunny and warm today. I might get in the pool.

Twobie and Archie had a bit of fun inside this morning, just moments before I booted them outdoors.


It’s amazingly hard to capture a good photo of a kitten with a cell phone camera…unless they are sleeping. Not sure why that’s so blurry. Twobie discovered this fabric-filled basket the other day. She loves it.


This was right before she started gnawing on the corner of my sewing basket. Time to go outside, kitty!

I don’t know if I mentioned that H and I went to a really great Japanese restaurant in Wichita last weekend.


H had a ramen noodle bowl.


We shared a calamari appetizer. It was the best calamari I’ve ever had. The kimchi was also the best I’ve ever tasted…loaded with garlic flavor…YUM…


The Wichita Eagle did a story about the place, which gets rave reviews. The owner is half Japanese, half American. His estranged father, who lives in Wichita, became ill a couple years ago so, out of honor and duty, the owner moved to Wichita to be with him. He met his wife (pictured above) at the Costco food booth where she was having a slice of pizza. He asked if she spoke Japanese. Soon afterwards, she told him she loved a man who could cook. Go figure. Both lonely and homesick, the two hit it off and opened this place, which is a very traditional-style Japanese hole-in-the-wall restaurant. We loved it and will go back. I actually remembered to tell our waiter “arigato!”

I replaced the duck water this morning and watered all the plants. I also transplanted a trellis, as it was in too much shade to grow anything. It will be the new home for butternut squash. I’ve dug the holes for the Jalapeno plants. Hopefully will get those in today. Planted new starter seeds for zucchini, as none of the other came up. I’m eyeballing spots for okra.

This morning I made more progress on the Leafblower’s giant peacock doily and stitched a bit on the word cloth…













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