New blooms…

New blooms are appearing on the mums…


I never knew mums would bloom in the spring until last year. I think it’s because of all those cold rainy spring days we had.


It will be nice to have more color out there, as everything else is green…


That tall dark green on the left is my spearmint. I have plans to harvest and dry some soon. Lately I have been enjoying the apple mint I saved from last year.

On the tomato front, I’m proud of this little one…


It’s the yellow pear that got nibbled off by ants…or something…when I put the seedlings in the duck house to keep them safe from a storm. I didn’t realize they weren’t safe from the ants who were camped out in the straw. But this little one, and the Brandywine that suffered a similar fate have come back so, yes, I’m proud of them. The three tomato starts the ducks nibbled on are goners, I’m afraid.

H and I got the pool cover up over the long weekend and have been in a few times. It’s still pretty chilly in there, but…


…makes me happy.

I also commemorated our 2nd trip to the Yokohama Ramen Joint on the word cloth. We do love finding a new favorite restaurant…


The Word Cloth is filling in…


I sure like the looks of it.

I hope you had a lovely holiday.



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