Some finish work…

Sort of.

Finish work is usually what you do to finalize a project…edging, stitching a piece into something like a bag.

H bought me The Textures of Home for Valentine’s Day in February. It’s a piece by Hazel Monte. It’s been sitting on my old Singer sewing machine/vanity ever since then. Every morning I would eyeball it, trying to decide how I wanted to display it. Today I finally had a vision, finally saw how I could do it. It maybe turned out a bit over the top, but here it is…


The only goal that wasn’t achieved was leaving the back open, i.e. not stitched down, so I could turn it over and see the title and Hazel’s signature. It’s there, and I can easily undo the basting if ever I feel the desire to see it again. Mainly, I wanted the front open so it could be touched and I wanted it stitched, not glued.

I went to the thrift store today. I got some good finds, including the lace I put around the frame. Here’s a shot of it against white.


The little piece does seem overpowered a bit, so maybe on down the road if I find a better frame I can switch it out. For now, I’m going to enjoy it this way.

I picked up the frame at the thrift store, too. Decided it would do. At least the piece has a home now.

I’m particularly happy with two big finds at the thrift store: a nice big picnic basket and a huge embossed tablecloth.



The picnic basket handle had some issues, so I wired, reinforced and glued it back together, then covered it with more trim found today.

I can’t wait to start dyeing the tablecloth. I have been wanting something I could make dyeing bundles out of using flowers I’ve saved. I think this will be perfect.

I got one other basket, too…


It’s old and worn in places, but I really like it.

My work today was done upstairs. It’s not any cleaner or tidier up there, but it still is a nice place to work. I’m still mulling over how, exactly I want to organize it. It’s a tough one.

I think now that I’ve decided to do more collage work I have a better vision. I’ll see how it goes.

Most of my needles were downstairs so I had to search a little for some supplies. I can’t remember if these were in my Singer drawers or if they were in some things I got off Freecycle years ago.


Fifteen cents…made in England…wow.

And this one, made in Japan. Looks like she got a bargain…just 31 cents! She must have been thrifty, too?


The thrift store has had big bags of old ties for a while now…$10 a piece. I found a decent size bag for $2. I don’t have a photo of it, and I didn’t really need the extra fabric, but I thought it would be fun to play with.

See you tomorrow.








2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joy says:

    Your frame for Hazel’s work is lovely! I’m really blown away with that basket handle repair, looks solid and professional. You inspired me so much by mentioning Grace’s Fabric Burrito Storage a few posts back. What a lovely simple system.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thanks so much, Joy. The frame is growing on me…you wouldn’t know it, but there’s a chopstick and wire under all that new/old trim on the basket, just to help stabilize it…and I’m so happy to share the burrito idea…yes, it’s great!

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