Here’s a beautiful picture of the neighbor’s tree that I took in the fall and never used here…


Isn’t it just gorgeous?

We don’t have any trees in our yard, except for one little redbud which is aging and losing a lot of branches…or is that just all the junk in our environment causing that because I see a lot of trees with dead branches? Anyway, the man who owns this house seems to hate everything green. I really don’t understand that. Every year he gripes about the leaves this tree deposits on his precious lawn. Lawns are such a waste of resources. Lawns aren’t thrifty.

Here’s a blog post I really like, one about Thrift by Mandy Pattullo. I think she nails it.

I really like her work, especially the collage pieces and the little fabric wallets she puts together, along with her recycled, upcycled materials. As a fairly poor kid growing up I learned to make do with a lot of things…including using what I had on hand to create.

The first thing I ever sewed was red rick rack onto a doll dress. The next thing I remember making was a yellow flannel skirt for my Barbie. It was the 70s and I cut fringe on the bottom of it and cut a hole for a button closure. I also stitched a flower on the front, cut out from another piece of fabric.

I like make-do. I like thrift.

If anyone knows of any textile/fabric art classes in the Midwest/Kansas area, please share.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m headed upstairs to stitch!






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