A visit to the prairie…and a giveaway…

If you’ve been here before, you might notice things look a little different.

I felt like June Wildflower needed an update. So far I really like it. I hope readers do, too.

Yesterday H and I went to my mom’s for a visit. I hadn’t been there in a while, and with the wildflowers growing and the tall grass, it was really beautiful. She is lucky to live in such a place…


I don’t think I’ve ever been out there when so many beautiful wild things were blooming.


If it hadn’t been raining when we left, I would have taken a few moments to photograph more. I did catch this goose family on the way out…


I could sit out there in the fields or under a tree by the pond for ages, especially when the weather is cool like it has been…


I’ve been invited many times to stay the night, to come out more often, but as beautiful as it is, it’s really hard for me to be around my mother. We’re a bit like oil and vinegar, always have been. I’ll leave it at that.

I started work on a new collage piece. The print is from a tie that was in the big batch I bought at the thrift store last week…


Made some changes…


And working on a sample idea for adding more embroidery…


Over the winter I put some scrap strips together, something I thought I might use as a border. I machine-stitched them, but in the future I think I will hand stitch…all that stopping and starting gets to be a bit much on a machine.

I had the idea to add embroidery and, so far, it’s really fun. I’m liking how the creativity has been flowing.


The fabrics are a mix of silk, silk/linen blends, satins, maybe some cottons and synthetics. The threads are all cotton and silk.


Working small is interesting…


For whatever reason, I feel more relaxed with this as a palette…


Even on the Word Cloth I sometimes feel pressure to “perform” or do something special. Not here on these little borders. Somehow, there is freedom in working small.


Perhaps working small forces me to keep it simple…there’s not room for over-thinking…



…and not over-thinking can be a very good thing.

One of my leftover cloth strips worked great as a backing…


This is my birthday month. A few days ago I hit 100 posts here on June Wildflower. I wanted to commemorate that milestone, in coordination now with my birthday, which, of course, is another kind of milestone.

To celebrate, I’m going to give away something from my stash of creations. I don’t know which piece yet, I’ll leave that for a little fun later. But, here’s the condition: I’ll only do the giveaway if I have at least 19 entries. 19 seems like a good number, since June 19 is my birthday. So, please share this blog link with friends who admire stitching, and share the chance to win something. That’s always fun. I’ll draw a name on the 19th.

I would also ask those entering the giveaway leave a comment in the comment section in this post. In the comment please mention something from my body of work here that you like. Perhaps that will help me in deciding which item to share. Also please indicate whether or not you are a fellow stitcher. Feel free to leave a blog link if you have one.

For ease of reading, here are the rules:

  1. Comment on this blog in the comment section
  2. Mention something from my body of work that appeals to you
  3. Include if you are a stitcher
  4. Enter by June 18
  5. Please share this blog giveaway link (I’ll only do the giveaway if I have 19 entries, one entry per person.)









8 Comments Add yours

  1. Chip says:

    I just recently finished reading your blog from beginning to end, and found it delightful! I know about your furry babies and TG&Y. I know about your beautiful skirt made out of sock yarn from a Drops pattern called Lady Lace, and can’t understand why you’ve never worn it!

    I have taken a few notes for a sewing notebook I keep. Remember this one – “one of the most enjoyable things is just pushing needle and thread through fabric, watching stitches form. Learning to appreciate the end result. Which is really about learning to appreciate myself.”

    Congratulations on 100 wonderful posts!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Wow, that’s really cool that you read the whole thing! Thanks!
      I actually have worn the skirt now, several times, and each time I get loads of compliments on it, so it’s very gratifying! It really is a fantastic pattern.
      I love the idea of the sewing notebook. Maybe you can share more about it sometime? I’d be interested.
      Thanks so much for commenting…I’ll include you in the drawing.

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