Endearing…or Inappropriate?

When I visited my Mom Sunday she gave me these tea towels…


She said she didn’t want to use them because she didn’t want to be inappropriate


And then she followed that by talking about someone she knows and then saying something inappropriate…oh well.

The pictures are really cute, and the stitching is nicely done. It took me a while to decide exactly what was being conveyed by the phrases. I was able to translate it into “AH” means “I” and “DIS” means “JUST.”

I know there was a time when maybe no one would have questioned things like this.

I also picked up a tea towel I made for my grandmother years ago…


I’m guessing I made this when I was around 14. I liked a lot of color, even way back then.

And here’s a real one…kitty, that is…


That’s Molly, Noodle’s baby. Isn’t she adorable? She’s going to be a gorgeous cat.

So far I haven’t had a single take on my giveaway. It sure would be nice to garner some interest. 19 entries isn’t too much to ask, is it?







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