This morning’s garden…

I got an early start today, which was great, and went out to work in the garden for a couple of hours.

Here are the red mums that are so big now, at least three times as big as they were when they were flowering in a pot last fall and more button sized…


We had a hint of that peppery smell in the air again…and then the sound of a crop duster very close to the south. Then the peppery smell was worse. If I had to guess, it’s roundup ready – glyphosphate – that’s being sprayed on the wheat fields. Glyphosphate…the chemical being linked to what has been coined “gluten intolerance” when eating wheat products. Glyphosphate forces the seed heads to all ripen at the same time. It is wheat harvesting season here, and we are surrounded by wheat fields.

Whenever I’ve grown a garden, it’s always been organically. This is a romaine lettuce plant that’s flowering. Isn’t it pretty?


I don’t even like using the word “organic,” as I feel it’s a term that’s been forced upon us. Until the 1940s or so, all crops were grown without the use of chemicals. On her blog, Celi talks a bit about how farms used to be. Here’s an excerpt:

“Later, after the second world war with its warfare chemicals looking for a new home (i.e. fertilizers and pesticides), then aided by the corn subsidies of the 70’s, big horticulture took over these small farms.”

As I said, I never use any chemicals on my plants. There’s NO NEED to. In the past, if I’ve had a bug infestation, I’ve sprayed with non-toxic spray, basically soap, and one summer I used neem oil, although found it to be a bit pricey. The soap spray takes care of almost everything. But that’s also why the ducks are here. They eat bugs…a lot of them. I noticed one patch of squash bug eggs on my pumpkin plant this morning and promptly smashed them. Now I will try to get the ducks in there to take care of things. The area where the pumpkins are growing isn’t frequented much by the ducks. Maybe if I put a water source close by they will be more encouraged to forage there.

The pumpkin has just started blooming so beautifully…


H seems very excited at the idea of growing pumpkins. It will be the first year for me if they succeed. This plant is growing from the seeds of a pie pumpkin that I bought last fall. I left the whole pumpkin there to see if it would grow…and it’s really growing.

The Burgess Buttercup plants are also putting out some lovely blooms…


Can you see that wee bug in there?


When I have the money, I’m going to get a proper camera! I really love the contrast of the shiny green bug on the yellow blossom.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but the poopy duck water I pail out of the swimmy pools works like magic. I think it was last week I poured some on the plants growing along the side of the house…tomatoes and squash. I’m not kidding, but I went out a few hours later and I would swear everything had grown about 20% larger! Things are looking great today.

Buzz and Twobie were there checking things out, as well…



I wish all the kittens could stay. They are so fun, and we love having them around. We are gearing ourselves up to take Twobie and Archie to the Humane Society tomorrow or Friday. I hate the thought of it, but we are overrun with cats. Hopefully they won’t have to be there long and will be adopted out on Saturday.

I had a cute moment with Archie this morning. He got stuck over on the neighbor’s side of the fence and was crying loudly. I called to him and he crawled up the side and onto the top, looking a bit frantic. I picked him up over the top and held him as I spoke to him soothingly. He just buried his head in my arm for a long while. He must have been really scared.

I had been noticing potatoes growing out of the ground, so did some digging…


Not a bad haul! That’s just from one or two plants.

I’ve also been enjoying peas this week, which I just eat raw…


The pods are too tough to swallow, but I chew them up for the juice. They’re really good. I’ve never grown peas before. So far they aren’t growing up the trellises as I’d hope they would, but maybe they’ll catch on soon.

The duckies…aka Turtle, Gyrtle and YoYo…are all grown up now. Check out Yoyo’s gorgeous green head and curly tail…


I’m expecting eggs any day now!

I didn’t get much stitching done yesterday, just a little on the border piece, although I did finish the neighbor’s giant peacock doily. Now I just have to make ties, hang it up, photograph it and give it to him. I can’t decide if I want to charge him or not…he did mow our front lawn, after all.



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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chip says:

    I’m here on my “big screen” computer, and, wow, I do love your new look. I forgot to mention in my last comment how taken I am with your small border piece. I got away from gluten over two years ago…no longer crave Little Tony’s Pizza! I am glad to know about glyphosphate.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      I am really loving the border piece. For whatever reason, the stitching on it has just flowed.
      A friend told me when visiting Italy he could eat all kinds of bread products and had no problems, never gained weight…probably because their food is cleaner? I miss bread. I have a slice of pizza once in a while.

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