It’s Friday…

Overall, it’s been a pleasant day so far.


The garden is doing well…except for a few tomato plants that are looking droopy…not sure what that’s about.

And there is….eeee!eeee!eeee!…this…


The first start of a Rouge Vif D’Etampe squash! I’m so excited!

This plant is really growing…


It’s well outside of the little make-shift border I put around it to keep the ducks out…


I’m about to take this little skirting down and just be done with it, just let the ducks in there to eat the slugs, as I’ve found quite a few in there. I’m sure they’ll nibble at what’s left of the lettuce and walk all over the top of the squash plants with their big, flappy, orange, feet…but I think things will survive.

I waved at my neighbor to the south yesterday, just to be nice. Usually we ignore each other. He took it as an opportunity to complain that I had left this dog house on “his side” in front of “his gate.” What gate???


That’s my gate, to the right. I wonder if he meant “arbor” instead of gate? The arbor that is alongside the fence, his fence, that is about to fall down.

I dragged that enormously heavy dog house back there for Twobie and the gang two weeks ago, as they were just starting to explore, and I wanted them to have a little shelter. It’s too heavy for me to move it into the back yard by myself, where I actually want it. But I will get H to help me this weekend.

In the meantime, here is the state of said neighbor’s yard that, for the third year is growing well into OUR yard…


I have already trimmed it once. I’m not doing it again.

Here’s the neighbor’s side of the in-between area.


The only good neighbor we have…aka the Leafblower…and I completely cleared out this area last year For Free, just to help out. It was three times as overgrown then compared to now. It was a total mess. And then H mowed the whole thing for them last summer. And I kept it trimmed the rest of the summer. And I had already trimmed the front half once this year.

But, hey, I guess that darn dog house sitting on their side trumps all of our good works. Not to worry, the free trimming won’t happen again.

I have never understood selfishness or selfish people. As a result, I’m thinking more about Mexico today. Because of the neighbor and two things I am thinking a lot about Mexico today, and those other two things are: mangos and papayas. Yep. I’m totally serious.

H and I frequent a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant in Wichita…an area H refers to as “Taco Town”… and we were there last weekend. Being there feels like I’m in Mexico. If I wanted to live in Wichita, I would buy a house there. Seriously.

So, the restaurant has a small tienda on the side of it full of items from Mexico. I like to buy produce from them, and last week I got a giant papaya. It was even nicely wrapped in butcher paper! Sometimes I buy huge avocadoes.


A couple blocks from the restaurant, on our way home, I noticed a Mexican man selling fruit. He had giant mangos at his stand and I bought two of them. They were, hands down, the best mangos I’ve ever had.

Right next to him a young woman was selling enormous cups of chopped fruit…watermelon, cantaloupe, etc… If we hadn’t been so stuffed from our meal, we would have shared one.

The thing is, I don’t know what’s wrong with the produce in our stores. I buy fruit from Aldi, Costco and Sprouts…the best markets in town…and none of the fruit is as good as this. Perhaps this is part of the price of shopping from corporations, you lose all of the quality that comes with the mom and pop places.

H and I have seriously considered moving to Mexico and have options for doing so. I figure I could live on a beach and eat my fill of great produce surrounded by selfish people instead of in the middle of nowhere surrounded by selfish people.

Onto other things…

I finished the Giant Peacock Doily I made for the Leafblower’s friend.


It looks really pretty. I hope she likes it. He’s assured me she will, as she likes the same colors as me.

Here it is compared to mine.


Ah, Buggar’s there posing.

The new one was made with a larger weight worsted yarn, and I didn’t completely stretch it out, but it looks a bit smaller. I have gotten so many compliments on mine.

A bit more stitching on the border patchwork…



I think I’ll stitch some more.

I’ve also decided to change the name of the border patchwork to…Petit Chemin…which means small path. I quite like the sound of that.

Later I’m going to our old town. I have a yarn gift certificate I’d like to use at the yarn store, and H is working there until 6 p.m., so I’ll surprise him with a visit. Tomorrow there’s the local farmer’s market at which I am hoping to buy some fresh farm eggs. And Sunday I’m going to suggest another trip to Taco Town and a stop by an art exhibit I’ve been wanting to see that’s featuring a couple of thread and fabric-based installations.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget the giveaway!








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