With such an event-FULL weekend, I’m finding it hard to decide what to talk about.

I guess I’ll start with the gift H surprised me with Friday.


It was a gift that almost didn’t happen. One of H’s co-workers foisted it upon him as he was leaving the office, insisting that I would like it. H was doubtful. Obviously, it wasn’t even a “real” gift, as he hadn’t intended to give me this. It just so happened it was a leftover auction item that a bid winner failed to pick up at the radio station where he works. Lucky me!

That’s a real oyster…


This is really one of the most interesting party-gifty-gimmicky thingies I’ve ever seen. It’s called Shellnanigans…and these are real oysters with real pearls inside them. I’ve been told the idea was developed in Japan…


This little oyster was in something like a little pocket inside the shell. So interesting…


Included in the pouch is a little cage pendant to hold the pearl…


How sweet is that?


The pearls range from white, like this one, to pink, gray and various shades of purple. I would have loved a purple one, as I have huge black pearl earrings that I like to wear a lot. But this is nice, too. And the white ones are said to be the most valuable. The woman who sent H home with this got a pink one valued at $60. The whole set costs $45. You can also have parties, like Tupperware and Silpada type parties. I’ve actually considered hosting one…if it weren’t for the fact that people would use my bathroom. Haha. Seriously, it might be fun.

Sunday was Funday for us, as it was basically H’s only day off and we spent it eating our way through Wichita. We started in what H affectionately calls “Taco Town,” the north part of Wichita with a large Hispanic population.

We started at this food truck, which we’ve passed many times on our way to a restaurant we like…


This is the only shot H got of the truck, which is not much to look at. It really looks like someone towed it out of a scrap heap with the faded paint and signage, not to mention the flat tires in the front. I suspect that might have something to do with helping the balance.

Every weekend we drove to Taco Town we’d pass by the truck, the barbeque area out front and what looks like an old gas station. I didn’t realize until we actually got there that it’s all a bit of a disjointed restaurant.


Usually there is a ton of smoke pouring out of the cook pit, but they were just getting started.

To be honest, I nearly didn’t get out of the van and Shane ordered by himself. I sat there for a few minutes with the idea of going to our regular place stuck in my head. Then I came to and thought, I LOVE these places! I love trying something new! What am I thinking?

I joined Shane just as his order was finished. Look at that…


Hands down, it was one of THE BEST MEALS I have ever had. Chicken tacos covered with fresh chopped cilantro, grilled onions and a serrano pepper. The only thing that would have been better is if there had been more of it! We ended up getting 2 more tacos and an order of beans, which was like a bean soup and served in a cup with a spoon. Wow, was it good. The lady in the yellow food truck really knows what she’s doing! I’m already thinking about going back.

Afterwards, we stopped by the fruit stand where I bought the most amazing mangoes last weekend. We decided to share a fruit cup, and it was a great finish to this awesome meal: pineapple, cactus fruit (first time for both of us and it was great!), mango, watermelon, and cucumber topped with a sweet/sour sauce and Tajin spice which we first tried in Cozumel many years ago. I had already wolfed down the watermelon at this point…


Apres manger we did a little shopping, but H was still hungry so we went back to the ramen noodle joint I mentioned a few posts back. We shared a rice and chicken bowl then…made one more stop! To Dairy Queen!

Wichita is lucky to have one of only 3 remaining original Dairy Queen stores. If you grew up eating ice cream treats at a Dairy Queen in the 70s or 80s, before they changed to the awful run of the mill places they are today then you will understand the allure. H had a cherry dipped cone while I enjoyed a butterscotch dipped cone. YUM. Here we are enjoying cones last year…


We’re noticing that with our diet and exercise changes we’ve both managed to shape up a bit since then. I know I am feeling better!

A bit of stitching progress was also made on Le Petite Chemin (the little path)…when I wasn’t eating…





More to share tomorrow!

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